Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Did not see any in Guangzhou or Shenzhen. I did see lots of electric scooters/bikes and of course regular cars.


So you are confirming that you started the false comparison between US behavior towards Singapore and China. That’s all I am saying.


I like the way you twisted the whole context. Perhaps you may want to take back your talking down on people attitude. Asking for clarification is not making a comparison to conclude something as you seem to imply. If that is your point, say it out loud and clear and not beating around the bush and make unrelated accusation!!! and offbeat comments/ opinions not backed by evidences. The reason why I ask marcus, and not you, definitely not you, is because marcus always give very good historical background, quite often data & chart to backup his view. Yours is completely BS (words you like to use on others) and not defensible (your words again).


This is interesting. It seems the model 3 success flies in the face of industry trends. 10 years ago sedans were 50% of the market. Now they are just 30%. That’s a huge shift in 10 years. This also explains GM closing plants that make sedans. All the headlines about tariffs, off-shoring, etc are just political hit jobs that aren’t founded in market realities.


Boys, TSLA will be worth 5x in 3 years based on conservative metrics at that time.


Now, I am scared… :rofl:


I am a little cautious on all these bullish Tesla remarks as I don’t know how the phase out of subsidies is going to affect them


That’s not really a concern to me, if at all…



Yes, that is why I am scared

Here is the clear proof that Some Analysts does not know anything about real analysis, they are doing a horrible service to readers as if they are expert.

  1. A crucial Tesla financial report is coming. Let's go under the tent to see how Elon Musk can boost cash flow - Los Angeles Times

On Oct 21, 2018 => “There are things they can do to artificially boost the bottom line, but many of those things will not be sustainable,” said Garrett Nelson, an analyst at CFRA Research, who is doubtful that Tesla will reach profitability in the third quarter.

  1. CFRA raises price forecast on Tesla to Musk's target of $420 a share

On Dec 4, 2018 => Nelson reiterated a buy rating on the stock and raised the price target (420) from his previous forecast of $375 a share.

Oct 21 TSLA is $260 - Supposed to be a great buy time.

Dec 4, 2018 is 359.70 - which is higher, Risky for short term (only long term 5+ years buy&Hold never mind this price)

The correct fact is they just follow the crowd "Analyst are reactionists and they also promote echo chambers by telling people what they want to hear"

In short, Do not trust Analysts writing blindly, as they are 50:50, do our own individual research



Tesla is good to deliver this quarter appx 60k Model 3s,

Oct = 17000, Nov=18000, rest 25000 must be in Dec 2018.



They had employees driving and delivering M3 to customers to meet the deadlines last time. Hope they are more prepared this time.





Market is happy about replacing Todd with Dane.



You and @manch cursed it so now back to neutral…



Ha ha ! That is Elon, take over on bankruptcy !

Who is cursing TSLA to file bankruptcy ? :rofl: