Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


SC = ?


Camry 3.5L. No idea for the rest of the questions, not interested in finding out. Petrol is dirt cheap in USA.


My CRV is still going strong after 13 years. I will wait for Tim cook’s Apple car. Please make it awesome Tim.


How many miles you drive in single fill up gas, with Camry?


You are indirectly voting now to AAPL :rofl:


I don’t care to find out :slight_smile: Just mindlessly fill up petrol whenever I am grocery shopping in Costco. Now, you want an old man to change habit? Better be quantum improvement.


Your state of delusion has just increased 10x…


I don’t care to find out ==> This is where you miss the EV benefit !

Using BOLT Lease, I pay $320/month ($280+40) expenses, charging 2 days in a week (instead of filling gas once a week).

This amount $320 is equal to you monthly gas filling charges.


Not enough incentive to use my brain.


I spend ~$2500/year on gas for my car…not a Prius, a quick and fun to drive German sedan. On top of that there is maintenance. With an equivalent level EV (e.g. Model S) charging cost would be $450–500/year with an EV rate plan. Maintenance should be ~50% of an ICE. Put it all together and you’re looking at ~$2,500/year in savings compared to a similar petrol car. How much is that savings worth to you? To me it’s 6–10x, $15–25k more that I can justify spending on an EV vs a gas powered car.


TSLA is for high-end people who drives longer distance, high earners.

Compare Bolt EV please.



This is the type of multiple improvement that we expect from innovation.


What kind of Camry costs 40-50K in the US?!?! :thinking:


How so fellow CRV owner? :smile:


More about Model 3 killer:


Price dropped from when I got mine. I recalled the driver assist package wasn’t that cheap.


I don’t really think the Kona Electric is a $60K Model 3 killer. They seem to serve different audiences. The Model 3 is fun to drive, lively, fast, and packed full of quasi-autonomous tech. The Kona, OTOH, by all accounts, is a dull drive, but practical.

I think the Kona Electric is a “35K vaporware-Model-3 killer”. :slight_smile:

The real question is, assuming a 20K spread in average transaction prices between the two (say, 37K vs 57K, not including tax credits), will the Model 3 REALLY be a huge volume hit in this space? Or will the Kona Electric cannibalize sales from all those people that wanted a 35K Tesla but now realize there’s no such thing, and hence, will buy a Kona instead?


Hanera, I’m disappointed in you. You’re paying MSRP for a 2019 Camry, and not even getting a $409 discount (1%), thus getting it into the 30s? :rofl: (just kidding :slight_smile: )


Price has dropped since I bought, could be due to currency fluctuation, US dollar is stronger than Yen. Presuming I have bought mine recently? Adjusting for inflation, the price is …


OK, just don’t make that a habit okay? :grin: