Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching




How are they going to design the roadster, semi, and all the other products they keep talking about? As some point, they’ll need to do a refresh on the model S too.


Who is that? You? You are a serious person, right? WQJ is take it easy person, I guess !


it’s called pulling a hail marry. he can probably do it.


It’s called business scaling.


I do take things easy unless it boils down to investing. Can’t take anything for granted and sell things prematurely at the first sign of trouble like you do, or else will not get to where I want to be in terms of wealth accumulation :slight_smile:


Isn’t everyone here kind of egotistical even when they are wrong (such as @Jil’s stock moves)? At least I’m egotistical and right.


Egoistical, and right in your mind.


Also right outside my mind.


you are for sure out of your mind.


I do not get into your baits :rofl:


Why the hate? You didn’t like it when I told you to scale down your primary home ambition? I only said that for your own good.


Nah i am messing with you. I like you : ) you are just too ambitious :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m only making up for lost time. I didn’t do good enough of a job when I was younger.


Where are you now on the Buffett chart?


was buffett chart inflation adjusted?


Exercise left to the reader.


What chart?


Da chart.