Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Wow, the time premium must be huge.



My model X is getting deliveted just in time …4 days before year ends


Enjoy your car! It’s gonna be awesome.



Unable to maintain buy and hold, all TSLA sold for profit keeping 1 stock !


Come on, we’re almost at rock bottom!!!


I started buying puts,not TSLA, it is all positive now a days. Just sold just above $300 !

I just hit around 10% profit, sold many to retain my YTD profit, keep 1 stock each I owned.

Let me start fresh next year.


You’ve been saying this for weeks. One day you will be right :slight_smile:


I think you sold off at the worst timing possible when the market rock bottomed.


Remember my overall aim: As long as my returns are more than 10%, I am happy to end. Now, I have 10.06% YTD, no more greediness.

Just ran a query Stock Screener - Overview usa d5u change

448 US stocks are down more than 5% today, I repeatedly seeing this many days.

Better to save my money with 10% gain rather than holding it for ever.



Sold long ago at $275 :frowning: Might be able to get back below that.


Yes, I sold it with that idea of getting low at sometime later when dust settles ! :joy:


Buy at $250, sell at $350.
The bottom will happen when @ wuqijun sells. The only bull left.


How so? Manch still holding on to Amzn and hanera still holding onto Aapl. I don’t see you selling any Tahoe estate either.


What I see is senseless, no fundamental no technical, selling no matter what stock it is.
You may account timing of the market, but I see market recovery is too long and hard.
IMO, at least you should sell the TSLA’s bought for $275 which you may buy later at a lower price.


Not always slow recovery, sometimes is kangaroo jump :grinning: So you may not be buying a lower price. Let’s hypothetically, TSLA bottoms at $260 and you sold at $300. Intraday TSLA reverses to $280 after hitting $260, are you bold enough to buy i.e. bet that it is not DCB. Chances you won’t buy still some kind of indicators like above $300 :slight_smile: You need to get both transactions right and most of us get the 2nd transaction wrong :slight_smile:


kangaroo jump happens when price goes down way below value (some below book value) and some big investors jump in !

Be confident on FED+Trump+Democrats+China, they will never give such chance in near future :rofl:


Prices are so low right now it’s laughable. Definitely not the time to sell anything. It’s actually a time to buy.


Remember, many companies exceeded results (Rev & PM), but every good news, those stocks are(were) pulled own.

See how DIA, SPY and QQQ dives steep down ! This is not easy to recover.

What we are going through is recession, not a bear market, which tanks stock market at least 9 months.

Last correction started on Jan 26th (peak), lowest Mar 31st (Appx), it took 6 months (Sep end) to reach peak again.

This one is severe, not bottomed after S&P 500 (all 3 indexes) reached 20%. Depending on bottom level 35% or 40%, the recovery will be too long.

Dead cat bounces are common in between

Supposing this reaches first bottom, sometime after shutdown funding approved Jan end, Trump will take his second stand on China by Feb, then FED will add one more 0.25% Mar, then Jun another 0.25%.

In between, Dems will not allow any proposals from Trump (exact replica of what happened to Obama).

With multiple bottom after bottom, this is going in recessionary mode than just correction.

Now, Trump has to face the same challenges in 2020 (if he wins) what Obama faced during 2008 !

This is like year 2000 or year 2008 downturn copy in 2018