Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Even when Tesla is heading to $150?! :scream_cat:


Now, I sold all stocks, can vote for you ! :rofl:


What about Amazon heading to $50?! :scream:


Tell me, if that comes true, I can bet with PUTs :rofl:




+10.39% TSLA


I always make gains with TSLA. See my PM.



Tesla will face an onslaught of competition in 2019. It seems its sales in Norway has cratered 40% because of the new Jaguar EV? Watch out below. :smiling_imp:


Agreed! I mean, how hard can it be to make a car powered by a battery? I mean seriously…


But the Musk cult is strong man. The real life iron man!! People just love the guy.


If it is easy, why would have musk spent 7 years pre-IPO research and development of that technology? If it is easy, most of the experienced automakers would have rolled out equal models by this time.

It is hard to innovate a patented technology and hard to beat the innovators ! The leader is the winner !!


Sure, a true innovator/inventor of something will take awhile but come on!!! Is a Model 3 that much better than the cheaper versions from say Nissan?

And yes, being a Fremont homeowner, I am not necessarily complaining about Tesla’s presence in Fremont… but still


It takes other car companies a while and now they are ready. 2019 will be an interesting year. :smiling_imp:


Definitely yes !

I drove Nissan leaf 3 years, but driving Model 3 competitor Bolt now. Nissan can not win both Bolt and Tesla until they supersede the battery technology !

They withdrew their new model

This is where Elon has planned well, a lot cost effective optimized environments. It is really hard to beat Tesla unless the new comer spends equal amount of upfront investments.


Ignore the naysayers. All businesses have competitors, it’s not a reason to doubt a company due to competition.


Ok, let’s see if this is revealed in Sin City…


Conceptually is very easy. I can design a space ship conceptually too. Just build a space ship that spin at certain speed and use solar cell as the power source. Very easy. In any case, EV is not just about battery, software is the soul of EV and AV. Anyhoo, battery design is not simple. Conceptually is easy, just two electrodes and an electrolyte. A badly designed battery can be so volatile that it can act as a bomb.


Software is the soul of AV. It’s not the soul of EV. Battery is the soul of EV.


All I can say is, back in the late 1980s, a gasoline driven Honda CRX HF got over 50 miles per gallon. In what 30 years, I am expecting way more progress from the car industry quite frankly…