Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


How much will the battery weigh? Could a 74 buick frame handle the torque of a modern electric motor?

I’d imagine it would be much more involved than you think…major frame reinforcements, completely new suspension, etc.100k+ conversion even when EVs become mainstream. It would be more cost effective to take a model S or 3 and throw 74 buick sheet metal, seats and dash in.


Are we still using steel? Thought would be using new material like fibre carbon (can’t remember exactly).


Tesla killer:


Is this Korean “killer” the same one that you posted before? I lost track… :rofl:


:joy: That being said, not sure Tesla is going to win in the long-run. Usual suspects will catch up eventually. Especially if the massive brain drain continues.

Biggest threat could be the nationalization of the automotive industry. As we approach full autonomy, governments may start to treat cars the way the US is treating Huawei today.


According to tsla’s vision, it’s not just a car company. So whatever competitior it’s facing right now might not be even a competitor in 5 years time. When you invest in Tsla, you are not investing into a “car company”.


Obviously I am expecting some jumps in battery technology and also for pricing to come down so that an E conversion would be competitive enough to be a viable business model. Companies are already doing some limited E conversions to some cars, so the idea just needs to keep scaling up. Personally, I would love to convert my SUV to electronic since I like everything else about it.


You are investing into the Elon Musk cult. :smile:


You got that part right.


I see how real estate investors here excel their finances. There are plenty of blog boasting about real estate cash flow and long term benefits.

If people think that these real estate investors are outsmarting others, then Elon Musk has the same attitude of outsmarting business side.

The infrastructure and mass production environment he created for Tesla is beyond comparison and he survives by this along with his innovation. The technology and associated software are protected by patent rights and is like Coke formula, that is hard to copy unless some one reinvent his wheel.

He has masterminded everything ahead and that is not a cult, but his business acumen to be on the top. It is hard to beat TSLA unless someone spends similar or more investments on such technology.

If you understand the nuances, you will reap benefits.


I read Seeking Alpha though its mostly short seller trash trying to skew truth. Your boy Anton has previously been charged by SEC for such things.

But hey maybe you should trust him and take out a heavy short position in TSLA. I’ll even let you borrow my shares. Back up the talk.


Nope, not gonna short anything. Not long doesn’t automatically means short. There are too many crazy zealots owning TSLA. :smile:


IMO, most of the people know the truth how TSLA is, but unable to believe the way TSLA is volatile!

Investing or trading is not all easy work,individual needs to know fundamentals or close watch of company without fully trusting analysts!!

See what happens (both aapl and tsla) after the results are announced!!!


Musk visiting soon for the groundbreaking of Gigafactory Shanghai !


Why would anyone want a 1974 Buick?

My buddy who is 80 bought this famous 1954 Buick and plans on racing The Carrera in Mexico race next year.


It was just a figure of speech. I suppose if it just got too cheap (EV), then that road may not pan out. Kind of like with tvs these days. No one in his/her right mind would be repairing a boob tube tv, right? I mean a brand new one, larger and with more bells and whistles, is easily only a few hundred dollars now (or less).




TSLA appreciates on bad news :joy:
Bought back 3 TSLA at higher price than what I have sold to WQJ.


Welcome to TSLA Group :joy::joy: Now, manch will add you in mad men list :rofl: