Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


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How many do you have? :thinking:


IIRC hanera has 0.1875% of what WQJ has :rofl:


Apparently the next BMW iX3 will have the technology that I am somewhat alluding to, the ability to offer both gas and fully electric versions of the same car at once.


Going forward, that certainly makes sense. They’re doing something similar already with the 5-series and X5…regular gas-powered and plug in hybrid versions are both available. Adding fully electric is a logical next step.

Going back to the 74 Buick, I still think retrofitting an old car is an entirely different story. What BMW is doing illustrates how much engineering is required to make a platform compatible with both gas and electric. It’s just starting to happen with the Kona EV, Jaguar I/F Pace etc.


Again, the 74 Buick was something that came off the top of my head while I was typing. Realistically, I would want to be able to convert more updated modern cars. I am just thinking that once that swapping or angle (producing cars to be both) is fully baked, it is not a reach to then do the next step, which is retroactive electric conversions to older cars. The process has to start somewhere.


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That means Tesla made it rather than broke :rofl:


Year 2018 was great year for TSLA. Tesla, this is a start, not an end. Like all car companies, they will also have selling pressure, but came out breaking point now.


Begin of 2018: 320. End of 2018: 332. What’s so great about it?


S&P: –6.2%
TSLA: + 3.8%
Delta: + 10.0%…Outperform!


It is not the price I mention here. See the title “Tesla Make or Break moment”, Tesla made it now. In year 2018, It came from the brink of collapse actually.

Otherwise, it would have gone like FB !

That is why I said, it is the start, not the end. Now it has long life, like tech stocks, to grow and it will


Ahhh, good point. My actual overall gain was 3.7% for year 2018 from stocks. In this case, I am also outperformed 10% level over S&P :joy::joy::joy:


Einhorn’s Greenlight Extends Decline to 34% in Worst Year



He will bankrupt if he keeps shorting Tesla.


I feel like Einhorn will make his money back this year. :smiling_imp:


Are you so blinded by your bias that you can’t even extrapolate? Look at Einhorn’s 20 year performance chart in that article. This is a person whose soul got eaten up by his own false conviction and unable to climb back out of the hole he dug under himself. He will lose ever more of his clients’ money.


Einhorn’s biggest problem is his stupid conviction in “value investing”. Even Buffett has pivoted to tech more and more. His head is in the right place on Tesla though. But TSLA is un-shortable because of its rabid cult base.


Good luck siding with a loser.