Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Compared to AAPL, FB, NFLX, I am not so much concerned with TSLA as they are able to sustain the delivery, sales etc.

TSLA will continue to roll out more cars. They may also further cut down the price. They will have sufficient cushion in price/margin to sell further, but it affects profit margin.

The only issue is US economy and China Economy slowing down. If the slow down, esp lay offs, impact the sales, they will also be hitting hard.

Survival is not the issue, but profit margin is the issue.


Actually yes it does.


@manch got called out again for bias. And besides, you don’t even own google.


You know how and why? Apple uses google search engine.

To keep the search engine at Apple, Google pays 12 Billion every year to Apple.


Good for Apple but if I were google I could care less. What other search engine is there? Baidu? :rofl:


With massive cash with Apple, they can create challenging search engine which Google wants to avoid by paying royalty !

Google’s main product is search engine, they do not want Apple as challenger, rather pay money to keep them within.


Jil thinking like a business instead of a SWE :slight_smile: Good.


3,495 Jag I-PACE v 2,210 Telsas (primarily S and X’s and a few 3’s) for December.

It makes sense since the Model 3 is not even released in that country.
X and the S are really old models by now.


@manch, do some homework before you post… :rofl:


Oops, that is less than normal inventory of Tesla :sweat_smile:



I don’t see how he can keep her out of the lawsuit if she was with him when he made the tweet. She’s literally a witness.



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Not surprising


More praise for the Model 3 killer: