Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


That dilution doesn’t amount to anything for a $50 billion company. Especially when it grows to $500 billion.


$5B is 10% of the current value and $10B is 20%. That’s just to double capacity. They need 10x that for your $500B valuation.


No need to pull numbers out of thin air. No one can predict this accurately.


You need faster car to get away from Police in Fremont: City of Fremont Official Website

The Tesla is the only electric vehicle that met specifications for size, performance, battery range, and safety, all required for a fully deployable patrol vehicle.


Well not sure exactly, but as an example did you know they are are currently building a factory in China, funded fully (or almost) by loans from Chinese government / banks? Sweet deals like that will make it more palatable…


Tesla EBITDA in 2019 could be ~ 8 billion, 15x implies 120 billion valuation.


It deserves 1 trillion :rofl:


Die hard TSLA bulls, @wuqijun, @Jil, @Zeapelido

Pray harder for TSLA to appreciate fast before MU catches up, only $8B behind :crazy_face:


Fremont police to add a new patrol vehicle to its roster: A Tesla Model S


Is your investment into MU worth $275k? That’s how much I paid for my 1000 shares of TSLA. If not, then I don’t need to worry about MU catching up, because my quantity can trump quality :smile:

Silicon is the New Oil

All police cars and government vehicles should start using Tesla. No point in government harming the environment with carbon emission.


Loans = still has to be repaid and what interest rate?


What kind of police response when it takes 30min to charge?


It makes them wait longer so that they don’t shoot black people by mistake.


I don’t know, but I gather it will be dwarfed by the ROI of the Gigafactory being created with it.


Meanwhile, China is having workers work through Chinese New Year on the Gigafactory. That’s not normal.

China ain’t messing around with Tesla.


Not a mistake. They enjoy it. :smile:


Is this a BLM thread or about TSLA? Market is roaring… enjoy the ride :grinning:


Your Aapl is definitely roaring. Hope it can climb back up to 220 soon…


Is this for yourself or us :grinning: It will make a new ATH for sure, just don’t know when.