Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


It’s for some of me but all of you… :rofl:


BLM loves Fake news. Even the Washington Post does not believe the vaste police conspiracy . Nobody wins


If you control for number of police interactions based on race of victims and suspects, then white people are more likely to be shot. People ignorantly look at it as 10% of the population should be 10% of the police shootings. That’s ignorant use of statistics. 48% of homicides are black-on-black. Those are the most dangerous criminals that police encounter.

It’s the same ignorance when looking at percent of the prison population vs. percent of the population. Homicides get the longest sentence. Also, 45% of criminals are in prison for drugs. Gangs are the ones moving the drugs and 35% of gang members are black. Go figure, 40% of prisoners are black when they are 35% of gang members and 48% of murders. Expecting them to be 10% of the prison population defies all statistics. Of course, no one wants to talk about the statistics. They just want to demand equal outcomes.



Tesla Has Just 4 Weeks to Rally 21% or Pay $920 Million on Bonds



JP Morgan was wrong :slight_smile:


Perhaps most egregious, the plane logged a number of 20-mile trips, repositioning from the south side of Los Angeles to the north side. “Tesla said Musk never used the plane to fly between different spots in Los Angeles,” the Post reports. Instead, the jet would make the 20-mile repositioning flights to meet the CEO at a closer airport.



Owned 6 TSLA, very scared@$301 :slight_smile:


Sir, This is AAPL of 1998 !

When China understands the importance, when Saudi understands the importance, being at foothills of innovation, we do not understand the importance !!

Anyway, I am drowned with TSLA or Fly with it, but not scared.



The title was wrongly written or scary way written… Remember Trump says News/media is not properly sending messages to people. Exactly this.

Read entire document and FT news too and understand what it is.

Saudi’s are scared with the way TSLA drops and they wanted to protect the investment, purchased hedging option to make sure original invested amount is safe.

Here are the contents

In recent weeks, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has hedged nearly its entire 4.9 percent stake in Tesla, the Financial Times reports. That means the PIF still holds the shares, but it has taken out other positions that protect it from a drop in Tesla’s stock price.

FT==> The derivative used o put on hedge is known as equity collar, which are despoke instruments that are costly to finance and have become popular with Middle East and Asian investors, the FT said.

My understanding is that they have not cut or sold any stocks


You don’t do that if you’re confident in the stock. Musk claimed funding was secured at $420/share. If they were willing to take it private at $420, then why on earth would they hedge for a drop when the stock is well below $420/share? If Musk was right, they should be buying more below $420/share not hedging.


Collar can be zero cost. Zero cost collar => Premium collected from selling calls vs underlying = premium paid to buy the puts. Limited upside and downside. Popular with institutions. Safeguards against disastrous drop in share price such as insolvency by forgoing some potential gain.


If this were a sure thing then you won’t make much money out of it. Take some risk.


I am not here to discuss Musk is right or wrong, that is gone case with SEC.

Read again, the hedging took place just before lay off, not at $420 period.
Second, individual investors issue is hedging, but no way reflect company issue.

They have 2.5B USD invested in TSLA, naturally wanted to protect it…

They are scared like many here are scared about TSLA., nothing wrong with it…


Think of this way, with 6 shares, you are scared with TSLA.

With 2.5 Billion, sitting at Saudi, how much they would have scared about TSLA. :rofl:






See why I’m scared :slight_smile: Position barely green.