Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Where did you get that number from?

According to Ahuja’s most recent SEC filing on October 22, 2018, the Tesla, Inc. CFO holds 28,515 shares of Tesla directly and another 38,989 shares indirectly through a family trust.


Zach Kirkhorn rose very fast up the rank! Did Elon tell Deepak to get lost.
Joined TSLA in Mar 2010 as Senior Analyst, now is CFO?


15M was his compensation only in 2017.


@roy321, you are right.


Tesla’s financials is just fishy as hell.


No. $10,501,859 stock awards vest over 4 years. Same with his option awards. Only half of those are vested.


As of date, it is not fishy, but when recession comes, it is a great issue. This question was also asked to Elon today in conference call “How Tesla will survive if there is economic recession?”.

If there is recession, not only TSLA, but every company will go down.


This means he is already satisfied with his wealth and doesn’t need to have more.


Those who have huge cashhoards ride through easily and purchase cash trapped TSLA for a song :rofl:


Nobody enjoys working for Tesla. Too much stress for too little return. CFO has it figured out :joy:

Job security is also second class


Deepak has a stink deal. After so long, net worth is ~ $25M, way less than Elon Musk. I pretty sure, the new young guy would have more after 1 year.


He’s younger than you. Why retired so early?


His real compensation:

2017: $429K base
2018: $429K base (I’m assuming it’s the same) + $5.9M RSU vested (assuming market value $300/share) + $1.1M gain stock options vested = $7.4M


He is too old to take the stress.

Cash is the king, no doubt.

As long as orders are booked, and they execute, TSLA will survive. Elon, during conf call, said China manufacturing has better returns as the cost of labor, Steel/raw materials are cheaper. Now, you see they pay back 920 million cash for bond by march.

See they match exactly like GM


When recession comes, TSLA shares will dip, but as a company, they survive.


He reached your magic figure 20 M ! Is that not enough? :rofl:


Are we positive he hit it? :smile:


That’s terrible that they match GM. GM isn’t trying to double their capacity. Tesla is probably delaying as much capital spending as possible to make the short-term numbers look better. At some point, they will have to spend massive amounts of money to increase capacity. The fact they aren’t doing it now just means the capacity is that much further away.


Yes, that is what Elon plans China factory with the help of Chinese Bank loans. Next to US, China is the biggest consumer of cars. When he builds tesla at China, he avoids transport cost, customs duty at china, low material cost and low labor cost. He can then service Asian regions and Euro region using China Factory. He stated similar in conf call Q&A.


In total, we are expecting to deliver 360,000 to 400,000 vehicles in 2019, representing a growth of approximately 45% to 65% compared to 2018. In this range, we are expecting to have positive GAAP net income and to generate positive free cash flow (operating cash flow less capex) in every quarter beyond Q1 2019. We believe these results will be substantially driven by our restructuring action and the ongoing financial discipline with which we are managing the business.

Positive income secured. :ok_hand:



Maxwell Technologies Inc. MXWL, +52.77% said Monday it has agreed to be acquired by Tesla Inc. TSLA, +0.16% in a deal that values the batter maker at about $218 million. The stock deal values Maxwell shares at $4.75 each, a 55% premium to Friday’s closing price of $3.07. With about 45.9 million shares outstanding, the bid would imply a market capitalization of $217.9 million. Under terms of the deal, each Maxwell share will be exchanged for a fraction of Tesla shares, which would be valued at $4.75. Maxwell’s stock was halted for news, while Tesla shares slipped 0.1% in premarket trade. Over the past three months, Maxwell shares have dropped 4.4%, Tesla’s stock has shed 9.9% and the S&P 500 SPX, +0.09% has eased 0.6%.