Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


ITesla is a death trap.

I keep saying this because I strongly feel that Tesla should not have let this half baked “autopilot” system out on the market. And its way of denying any and all responsibilities make it way worse it’s really unethical. “Oh, don’t you know you are supposed to always be ready to drive in autopilot mode?” Bullshit.


This is getting too repetitive. Time to change your slogan… :rofl:




Tesla is a death trap.


People pay extra for the flame thrower package.


Car manufacturing is a hard business. Soft skills are not enough for this.

I was not very interested in Tesla, I don’t know why I was not. Maybe risk averse at the depth of my heart


Your Model 3 coming from a tent near you…


https://electrek.co/2018/06/22/elon-musk-considers-crowdsourcing-tesla-manufacturing-owners-build-parts-of-cars/amp/ @sfdragonboy tesla or shelby cobra from f5?


Come on, is it even close???



After being frustrated with Musk’s weakness for his choice of romantic interests, I still find him brilliant, emotionally vulnerable, and charismatic. I still want to one day buy more advanced (whatever that means) Tesla.

So, I have been adding more shares of Tesla. Go Tesla.


He is emotionally extremely strong when it comes to love. Just look at what Justine wanted from him and what she was able to get.


Oh, my wive’s friend’s (a local semi known RE agent) son bought his Dad a Factory 5 Shelby Cobra for his B-day! Granted, he has a Ferrari in the stable too but what a nice son!!!


Ferrari >>>> Tesla


Ostentatious :face_vomiting:



What, and leave all that dough to your kids, heirs or alma mater??? No freaking way!!! LOL!!!


Leave that to your widow who will splurge all on a handsome young gigolo.


Doubt it. Remember, she was available for the longest time in So Cal and she didn’t let anybody catch her until I came along.


Well tell her to do so anyways. Don’t you want her to be happy after you’re gone?