Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Tesla - Maxwell Technologies benefit: EV owners know what it’s like to live with range anxiety, but Tesla’s latest investment might make those travel concerns easier to live with. Earlier today, the company confirmed its plans to purchase San Diego-based Maxwell Technologies in a $218 million deal that should see the electric car maker produce more efficient, longer-lasting batteries for its vehicles.

Improving battery performance has been the holy grail for EV makers, and with so many companies now vying for attention, the race is on to make sure drivers don’t need to charge their cars as often. It’s little surprise, then, that Tesla had its eye on Maxwell — after all, the company has lots of experience with traditional lithium-ion batteries. In a paper published last year, Maxwell researchers Joon Shin and Hieu Duong said the company had developed “dry” battery electrodes that allowed for “unparalleled energy density and enhanced cycle life” compared to more traditional designs. And because Maxwell’s production process doesn’t involve toxic liquid solvents, it happens to be easier on the environment, too.

The lure of improved lithium-ion batteries would be tempting for any electric car company, but Maxwell’s work with ultracapacitors may also provide hints at Tesla’s future plans. In short, ultracapacitors are solid-state (that is, non-chemical) power sources that are better at delivering quick bursts of power when needed than more traditional and are well-suited to being recharged while braking. If those sound like pluses for electric vehicles, you’d be right — they’re already used in certain hybrid buses, and Tesla fans have debated their potential benefits for Musk’s cars for years now.

Tesla’s founder has long been interested in ultracapacitors and their potential (he nearly researched them as part of a pHD program), and the Maxwell acquisition might give Musk the talent needed to try them out in future vehicles. If nothing else, though, Tesla’s latest purchase just might be enough to give it an edge over incumbent car makers – until they go out and buy their own innovative battery companies, that is.



Just word of caution, Tesla is down in view of recent price reduction $1100/car. I calculated current peak will be between $320 and $325.

Since this year is not so great - with yield curve issue - market volatility, I came out of TSLA at $322 (pure swing trader mentality) and bagged again good amount this year.

As a company, TSLA will survive long, but current economic status is not right time to hold long. TSLA will also struggle with all automakers like GM & F and finally come up as winner.

I will be back to TSLA when it is way down again.


Luckily I didn’t follow you big time into TSLA, now then you tell me, already down so much!

If stocks are not bought long ago, probably should just trade them till market drops death and restart a new bull :slight_smile:


Not that what I did is of any consequence… but… I haven’t bought yet in Tesla stock.

Reasons: Europe news so far not bullish unlike USA as far as demand for Model 3. Model 3 demand in China weak.


In investment, you should not follow me or I should not follow you. However, you can follow well known investors like WB or Seth Klarmann. On any case,the ownership is on the individual. I follow swing trade, WQJ follow buy and hold, you follow in between. When I purchased TSLA, I decided when to come out (esp at what price range) and bulk loaded upfront. Result: TSLA filled all the losses I made with AAPL.


I still hold on to 1000 shares of Tsla I bought at $274. Hope is that they can become as valuable as the shares I bought back in 2012 for $35.



TSLA oscillating around $300 since 2014. Buy $x below $300, sell $y above $300, make $x + $y.


Not interested in making chump change.


Chump of 1000 shares is few hundred thousand dollars! Ask @Jil. Your 1000 shares could be literally FREE.


See here, WQJ is not following me, neither I am following him. We both are independent on our own.

The difference is that I become trader, he becomes investor like WB.

When recession hits, higher hit will be at real estate (but less volatile area) and then car industry, both are big ticket item depended on credit availability.

I want to be safe, coming out entire market soon, TSLA is one my stocks.

I would have held TSLA for long as I feel TSLA as a company good, but economy (US & China) is not so great at this point.

Next 10x Stock Winner

Based on FED rate hikes, all the credit interest rate is gone up , that is the issue until it normalizes.

Europe, Australia and China, demand for TSLA will be there, but economy is not strong and credit is expensive.

IMO, when economy (US,Euro, China and other world wide) tanks, car industry will get hit, that affects entire car sellers.

When market recovers, TSLA will recover fast and be a winner, next I see GM (as they planned massive for EV cars in 2023 onwards). EV is the way to go in future.


Is there a better place to put that hundred thousand dollars? Aapl maybe?


Read my PM as to where to TT your cash :slight_smile:


Austin real estate? :rofl: Why invest, I want to hold it as cash sometime.


Used to do that. But yield hence cap rate and cash flow has gone down a lot, @Boolean is well aware, unless you buy in so not desirable neigbhoods (on paper very high yield, effective cashflow may be even lower because of evictions, repairs and vacancies). Probably better to just hold cash and wait for more favorable conditions.


Your investment acumen will fail you during those favorable conditions because you couldn’t tell them apart from the unfavorable ones.


Yes, I understand the failure part, hard to understand the market. Just I am planning this way in future, trying buy SPY, QQQ, ITA ETFs instead of stocks. This way, I can avoid trading. At least , I will have 50% in ETFs and balance 50 ( or even less than 50% ) in stocks.


If you were to buy 10 Silicon valley tech stocks randomly, then your performance should match QQQ. And you can avoid paying ETF fees.


I happen to see the difference in one of my retirement accounts.
On 12/26, I purchased hacax( nasdaq almost ) 75% and vanguard fund (25%)
The overall Appreciation is 10.2% YTD and other stocks holding trailing behind at 9.8%.
Looks to me my stock picking is not right even though last 50 days is too low early for comparison.
Based on this, I am fairly convinced to go for same 75% and 25% for QQQ and SPY.