Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching



I think TSLA would be far better than all FAANG combined. Would be $20k within 2 years.


Chances are TSLA can grow further from now, depends on how consistent on sales.

I just purchased TSLA potential chances to go up by introducing leasing. Since they did not have leasing model, I did not purchase Tesla model 3.



Report of a Model 3 leasing program could be a bad sign for Tesla investors

In addition, Tesla general counsel’s departure adds to list of executive exits under Musk, left after just two months on the job. Charlie Munger won’t hire Elon Musk because he is a weird guy who overestimate himself.


So, the Question can be thrown back at Charlie Munger, with the names reversed, i.e.
Will Musk hire Munger as Tesla CEO -> Can Charlie Munger ever do what Elon Musk has done? :slight_smile:

Answer IMO: Highly unlikely(cuz different skillsets+mindsets & different people)


Who’s Charlie Munger? Stop talking about insignificant people… :rofl:


That’s the tweet that led to Tesla’s top lawyer’s resignation.


Let him tweet!!!


Put him in jail and he can tweet as much as he wants.


You probably also want Trump and Xi in jail too. Maybe you can run America, China, and Tesla all at once.


You read me mind! Yes all three should be put in jail. :smiling_imp:


Another blatant lie.


Every time Musk opens his mouth short the stock. We won’t have true self driving in my lifetime. Thank god.


The world would probably still rely on horse carriages if it had to depend on you for innovation.


He is an investor of good old times and TSLA is not the stock for him. TSLA comes with new generation and it is hard for Charlie Munger to understand.

I do not know what price TSLA will go, $200 or $500, but I understand Elon Musk is calculative in every move he makes, taking highest financial risk to achieve his goal. BY doing this, TSLA will survive as long as Elon Musk at his position. At certain point, Elon will move out of TSLA to see his other ambitions like SpaceX/Boring company work. TSLA will continue to survive long.

This is the same way they had PYPL, founders left in good hands and now 100B level.

Even after buying some TSLA shares, I am aware that TSLA will have challenges (like any other car companies) by sales/economic pressures. The stock may also go down, but eventually come to some level.




Self driving is the biggest hoax ever. Musk is the Trump of Tech. Self driving is pure hype, just like his Mars rocket.
Looks good from far but far from good. Some engineers
on this forum lack common
sense. An engineers job is to image all the failures and figure out how to fix them. Not to hype a pipe dream.
Image a self drive car in snow and chains are required, or when it hits a pot hole. Flat tire, accident, breakdown? Common sense doesn’t exist in Musky land.


Funny BWW being whiny about cults. It has been a cult since the 70s. Highly overrated cars that are now highly unreliable and overpriced.


You mean the car cannot switch out that flat tire on its own??? :scream: