Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


How will car know it’s flat. Will it just run until the rim wears down?


How will a man know he’s hungry. Will he just sit here until the acid burns a hole in his stomach?


AI will solve everything. After all it won’t take much to be smarter than the average driver… :sunglasses:



First year cars are always beta products with problems. My basic engineering philosophy is don’t buy anything unless it’s tried and true.


While many Tesla owners may not be happy about the reliability of their car, Consumer Reports says those owners are generally satisfied with their electric vehicles.

Yep there are issues, but no big ones(AFAIK) and they are being fixed. Also, new features are being added routinely(recent feature is Sentry Mode).

Also, my guess is maintenance will be much lower than the equivalent German vehicles(no engine, transmission, radiator… etc etc)

Also it(Model 3) is a great driving car.


Asking money back from a Ponzi scheme is hard, of course.


I have got the refunds within 10 days and without any issues.


Same here. The cancelation process was easier than expected. They delivered the refund much faster than what they said. I think it was something like three business days.


Why are you all cancelling your Teslas?
Is the lie about the $35k price a turnoff. Or is the wait too long?


It was going to replace an older BMW, but the timing did not work out. I ended up doing some costly repairs.

Also I am hoping to see some self driving car instead.


Tesla’s biggest accomplishment is to take down BWW. The BMW EV is a joke.
Self driving is a myth. Driver assistance is more accurately what will happen.


For me few reasons.

  1. Model 3 was not available when my old leaf lease was over. I switched to Bolt available immediately.
  2. California changes Carpool stickers to new cars. If I buy, my eligibility may end in 3 years. I would prefer lease 3 years (company account) than buy it. In 2022, the carpool stickers expire.
  3. Tesla was not leasing like Bolt or Leaf, which is easy to switch at the end of lease terms. Now they introduce it. I will think about Tesla lease after 18 months if available to public(me).


Oops, why dropped today


Elon Musk Turns to Morgan Stanley for Five Monster Mortgages

The billionaire recently took out $61 million in mortgages on five properties in California, four in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles and one in Hillsborough, in the Bay Area. The Morgan Stanley loans, signed in the final days of 2018, represent about $50 million in new borrowing. One refinancing on a 20,200-plus square-foot property he bought in 2012 for $17 million turned a $10 million loan into a $19.5 million debt.

Musk’s loans are for 30 years with a fixed 3.5 percent interest rate for the first few years and then adjust based on an index.


He got better rates than I do. Not fair!!! :sob:

I need to give Morgan Stanley a call… :thinking:



Musk is using your stock money to buy houses.


Now I know for sure you are indeed clueless :rofl:


Musk is dedicated for next generation transport industry.

  1. Tesla (solar city is add-on)
  2. Space X (he recently got NASA contract for 3 launches, splitting the deal). This 25B valued.
  3. Boring company (Chicago underground contract signed, Los Angeles open to public review).

All his initiatives are capital intensive projects like railroads, but also challenging like what Trump assures to his crowd. Both Trump and Musk are unyielding to others, always want to implement their idea only !