Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


You won’t :rofl:


Tesla shares fall on report SEC asks judge to hold Elon Musk in contempt for violating deal

Oh Elon…




Is this “Winning or losing does not matter”?


Doesn’t matter for Elon. Matters a great deal for his cult members. :smile:


Success or failure is due to the same person.


I am out of Cult temporarily, expecting a fall, TSLA never disappoints ! This is GTC at 299 sold today morning ! TSLA exactly behaves the technical curve, expected a fall after hitting 300, it happened after hours :rofl:

Buy and Sale TSLA by me :rofl:


Tesla futures isn’t looking bright

298.77 USD +4.06 (1.38%)

Closed: Feb 25, 7:59 PM EST · Disclaimer

After hours 288.00 −10.77 (3.60%)


Wouldn’t that be a buying opportunity for some of you here?


Since the shares float is low, everyone is holder like you, it fluctuates widely.
Correct, I am waiting for such opportunity.


Nio, the Tesla killer. :smile:


60 Minutes turned its attention to the Chinese electric vehicle market in a detailed segment.

• The news show highlighted the massive support from the Chinese government for the electric vehicle industry, including the significant rebates and license waivers that help to prop up demand.

• A lot of attention was paid to Nio (NYSE:NIO), even though the EV upstart only delivered about 10K vehicles last year. Nio’s heavy focus on tech features and manufacturing innovation was profiled very favorably.

• The point was made that Nio, just like the other dozens of Chinese EV manufacturers competing for market share, needs to convince consumers that it makes high quality cars.

• Chinese automakers are also prepping to sell outside of their home turf. Nio is just one of about nine China-based automakers with operations on the West Coast of the U.S.

• Investors have been bidding up select Chinese auto names. In the last month, Nio is up 23% and Kandi Technologies is 73% higher.


LOL: Correct, you buy NIO :rofl:

I buy TSLA, placed a buy order to get $284/share :joy:


It never did fall to that level unfortunately…


What price?


• The Nio (NIO +13.3%) rally off its 60 Minutes appearance just keeps rolling along.

• Shares of the Chinese electric vehicle upstart are now up 30% over the last three trading sessions.


I was waiting for Screamer-in-Chief to call TSLA a death trap based on the news above…


Well I did point out DBX to you and it has been rallying up since. :smile:


It was already on my radar before you called it junk :wink: Btw just notice DBX can be short for Dragon Beaux :scream_cat:


I said I preferred BOX over DBX. I don’t recall ever calling DBX junk… :thinking: I am actually a paying customer of DBX.