Tesla to cut 9% of jobs in 'difficult but necessary' reorganization

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Does it need to reduce burn rate and preserve cash now? Not good for a growth company


Ouch!! Plus these are better paid corporate folks…

They have just so long to demonstrate they can make the numbers to be more than a curiosity. Remember De Lorean?

The flux capacitor one or the ordinary one? First one is at an unknown point in time.

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The bigger issue with layoffs is top talent starts leaving. Even if they aren’t worried about their job security, they burnout doing the extra work from those that were laid off. It’s also a morale killer. Layoffs start a talent spiral that’s difficult to stop.

Sell Fremont.

Job cut but stock didn’t drop. You naysayers are probably disappointed. But no spectacle for you to tease about, unfortunately.

Stocks seldom drop due to job cuts. Usually they go up.

The numbers look big, but it looks to be a non-issue if the company is still hiring to increase headcount. They went through two periods of mass departures in the past year I believe.

Manch would exit right if he had any Fremont rentals :wink:.