TEVA: why the dip? and should I buy?

To @Jil and @Hanera

What’s up with TEVA’s dip today? and is it a buying opportunity? I am debating getting out of my China stocks and rotating into TEVA

Whatever I feel a temp dip. I think the lowest it can go to is $21. This stock will be volatile until Nov 1st results. I have already placed limit orders to buy at $21.25.

The only news I heard is Opioid legislation could lift certain hospital operators, drugmakers - MarketWatch
It’s been a bit of a dog for me. They need to have a lot of their clinical trials succeed and continue to reduce debt.

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No idea, didn’t follow closely. Not adding, have reached full investment. Now not focusing on investing, so didn’t read much about stocks. Tend to agree with Jil, probably sideways like FB till some indisputable rock solid fundamentals. That’s where your judgement call :slight_smile: I’m siding with WB and his protege, JIl.

Good bye to TEVA?
Sold long ago, haven’t looked it for awhile and shocked to see that it is trading so low.

I didn’t buy Teva after I read news of the multi state lawsuit on price fixing. Either way I sold all my stock (except for 401k) in first week of May as I had a nice run and didn’t want to deal with volatility

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According to the stock zodiac, month of May is usually bearish and bottom around late Jun/early Jul, rally in Jul and top in Aug. So far, stock market is following the zodiac. Hence, expect there is some steam left till Aug. Be prepared to scoop in late Sep to Oct, and ride the Santa Claus rally.

I sold TEVA when the chart looks weak at a small loss. Chart tells! Because they are formed by decisions of the insiders and big boys.

Edit: Checked records. Closed TEVA for a good gain :slight_smile:

Some1 frontrun TEVA? Not late Sep yet. Still Mid Sep.