Texas vs California

We all just keep repeating the same thing…


SF Gate sure is publishing a lot of articles about people leaving the bay area.

Not too worried. The Fab 7x7 is quite resilient. Fairly diversified and not strictly reliant on high tech. There was a terrific, fairly detailed article in the Chronicle yesterday about the evolution of the self-driving automobile industry and how this area is playing a major part in it. We seem to reinvent ourselves to stay ahead of the curve pretty well. The Fab 7x7 will always be sort of a boom/bust town, since we will get our share of the gold seekers who either actually find it or get busted…

Most people leaving BA are the real Americans. Foreigners are staying and more immigrants coming in. BA is becoming a truely cosmopolitan metro. Ok, as if it hasn’t been already but will be all the more so… :slight_smile:


I think foreigners are attracted to multi cultural cities…Many won’t consider the homogeneous heartland…Hard to find good ethnic cuisine in the flyover states…But Texas does have good food

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Most people want to live near others like them. If you’re a minority, you can claim you want to live in a diverse area. It’s code for non-white people that are like you. If you’re white and want to live near people like you, then you’re a racist.

It’s safer for minorities to live in a diverse area. If they live in a homogeneous area, they will get singled out and picked on when the going gets rough. This is not just minorities moving into an all white area. It goes the other way too. For example, minorities moving into an all black area.

If most people want to live near others like themselves regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, that already implies that non-white peple wants to live near non-whites like them rather than whites. Thus, there is no reason non-whites think whites racist only because they want to live near people with same ethnic backgrounds.
However, if any ethinic group tries to push out the other ethinic group by harrassing and/or thretening those people, they are racist. There is huge difference between wanting to live near people like ourselves Vs trying to kick out people different from us. For example, nobody calls white flght from Cupertino racism.


White flight from Cupertino is due to the fact that they cashed out their home and retired to a cheap place like Phoenix. This is very different from the white flight from Detroit, say. Both events have to do with race although no one would call either racism.


Whites aren’t quitting the schools because the schools are failing academically. Quite the contrary: Many white parents say they’re leaving because the schools are too academically driven and too narrowly invested in subjects such as math and science at the expense of liberal arts and extracurriculars like sports and other personal interests.
The two schools, put another way that parents rarely articulate so bluntly, are too Asian.


Ouch!!! Hey, if it is too Asian…it is too Asian… Lowell High used to be considered that even in my day and I believe it is worse now probably.

And then middle America complained about all the jobs in Silicon Valley got handed over to foreigners… wait a second, could it be because Americans favored liberal arts over STEM???

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Non-issue to me. That’s why this is a great country. Move wherever you want for whatever reason. All good.


There’s people that’ll say an area that’s 80% of a minority demographic is “diverse”. Yet, they’ll say an area that’s 80% white needs diversity. Being 80% of one demographic isn’t diverse. I’d consider SJ pretty diverse. The percent Hispanic, Asian, and White are all very close. Although, if you look at a neighborhood level it’s not every diverse.

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It’s fine for neighborhoods not being diverse as long as the entire city (or metro) is diverse. It would be nice for all neighborhoods to be diverse too but in reality it isn’t very feasible because of the much maligned income gap between the different racial groups.

I’m waiting for the people with pitchforks to come for the Asians. They have the highest median income. It’s higher than white people.

But will they mistake the low income Asians for the high income ones? If not, I can always disguise myself by living in Vietnamtown!!!

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That’s because middle America thinks we Asians are foreigners, even the ones born and raised here.


That’s because simple logic is anyone who’s family immigrated to the US after mine is a foreigner. Also, anyone who doesn’t look European like the first immigrants is a foreigner. It makes zero since, but that’s “logic” for you.