Texas vs California


Race, skin color and gender are the most obvious “attributes” of humans. It’s impossible to be completely free of biases. At least in core Bay Area I think racism is pretty low. I actually see a lot more racism in China and Hong Kong, and to some extent the Chinese immigrants here in the US.


Same here.
A lot more racism in Korea than here.
This is very sad truth…


Does that mean you are Korean?




Asian counties had close to zero diversity.

Latin America has close to zero diversity.

Africa has very low diversity.

Only USA and west European countries have decent diversity. I think diversity is a naturally happening outcome due to economic migrations. There’s no point to artificially create diversity. Diversity is a natural and neutral process, it should not become a political ideal.

Racism is an American phenomena exactly because of its diversity. Racism is a foreign concept in Asian countries such as korea, Japan and China, because there’s only a single race in their country…

Racism is not a concern in Korea and Japan. There is a singe race and the only other races they see are a couple of visitors


Really??? Wow… have you ever compared a South Indian to a North Indian? Do you know the percentage of people in Brazil who are black? What about all the white people living in South Africa?

Racial diversity is very high in many countries, not just USA and Western Europe. Also, some US states and Western European countries have very low diversity (e.g. Nebraska and Norway).

Japanese people can be very racist. They were trying to create a super Asian race during WWII and killed a whole bunch of Chinese people.


Looking at history, diversity seems to be from slave trade and colonization.

Natural history is that diversity exists on the macro scale, not on the micro scale.

Social engineering can bring unintended consequences.

The goal of communism is not diversity, but homogeneity.


Diversity can also be a result of poor people immigrating to rich counties. That’s not due to slavery or colonization.



“It’s garbage,” said San Jose native Josh Symons, 36, who moved to Austin a year ago. “Seriously, TexMex doesn’t cut it.”

This guy is crazy - TexMex is so much better than CaliMex, it’s not even a contest - and you can still get burritos in Texas…


Texmex, Calimex…not exactly health food…lol


Isn’t the best (or as authentic as one can reasonably get it without use of your passport) Mexican food in the Mission of the Fab 7x7 (for now, before the skinny jeans and craft beer crowd takes over fully)???


Yes but again Mexican is not TexMex so it all depends on your preferences.


Oh ok, didn’t know the nuances of the two. Tells you how much time I spend in Texas.


I go to Mexico a lot…Rarely eat what Californians consider Mexican food there…Usally eat fresh fish…In fact sushi Mexican style is great because the fish is locally caught…The only "Mexican"food I eat there are tacos…Even the ceviche is actually Peruvian…The best steaks there are usally from the US…Even have had Thanksgiving turkey in Cabo…flown in from the US…Food has become so international that it is hard to know what the origin is…My favorite lunch place in Puerto Vallarta is run by gay guys from Hayward…In fact many of Puerto Vallartas restaurants are foreign owned…very international place…there is great Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, German and American food there… The best food is just whatever was caught in local waters…


OK. So what is Mexican vs CaliMex vs TexMex? What is Chipotle? FakeMex?

I won’t bring up that bell place because that’s obviously GabageMex…


Tacobell tests their food in Birmingham, Alabama…Alabamex…the worst food inthe world…lol

Taco bell only assembles food on site…No cooking all brought in frozen and reheated…disgusting. .


I used to subsist on Tacobell’s bean burrito when I was in college. 2 for one buck or something. What I accomplished today I owe it all to the bean burritos my friend…


What? I thought everyone “survived” (not sure that is really the right word) on boxes of top ramen??? Do we need to pull your Chinese calling card, Sir???:grinning:


You can’t cook ramen when you are out and about. I am the guy who microwaves fish at school. So keep the Chinese card to yourself.