Texas vs California


All you need is a microwave a can of refied beans and flour tortillas…That is all a taco Bell bean burrito is…and maybe some fake cheese thrown in.
Actually the best fast food taco is the cheap fried ones at JackintheBox

Cant sell Taco bell in Mexico…
Taco Bell has attempted to enter the Mexican market twice. After a highly publicised launch in Mexico City in 1992, all the restaurants were closed two years later. In September 2007, Taco Bell returned to Monterrey, projecting an American image with an Americanized menu that included french fries, but it closed in January 2010 due to low patronage.[88][89][90]

But they do have
Taco Bell in Moscow


TexMex - queso, fajitas, breakfast tacos, overall beef and cheese in everything


You will NOT find good fajitas here in California - my 2 favorites which have THE BEST fajitas are

Lupe Tortillas - Houston chain
Pappasito’s - Texas chain

If you’re ever in Texas go here and order beef fajitas - if at Pappasito’s ask for the mexican butter too


Guess which was number 1?


I agree. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to live with others of the same ethnicity, race or color. The threats and the discrimination imposed of them to leave the are is. We could say then, under that assumption that Chinatown, by itself, it’s very discriminatory. “only Chinese live there…if you know what I mean”.

I don’t think White Americans or any other races are that racist.

If you look at the current situation in this country, all things are possible. We are seeing the increase of violence against any minorities or the increase of tensions among the same Americans because there’s nobody in government taking notice. Whoever is in power, is not paying attention but to his own ego.

Oh…wow! Finally, you decided to tell the truth about liberals. You are always saying liberals are being what? Socialists=Communists?
Thanks to those “liberals” you so much disparage whenever you can without knowing why, well, you are here in this country because they believed in “DIVERSITY”. The end!

Remember that discrimination and racism also have their origins on the fact that cheap labor was needed, hence the slave trade, and the coming of all nationalities and races to the US. That provoked the birth of so much discrimination, to the fact that not even the White Irish people escaped the stupid discrimination where it was wide accepted that no Irish were allowed to rent a room, but they would accept dogs in them.

Look at how many Japantowns, Chinatowns, Mexicans this, and whatever that are there in this country. Why? Because when you are an immigrant, you are new to anything and the first thing you salute is the amicable conversation with somebody from your own race or language. That was the reason of Chinatown being born in SF. They were facing lost of discrimination and racism. What better than stay together, and defend and console themselves together?

Not long ago I read you guys calling names or saying names to each other. Well, racism and discrimination exists in every country and nationality or race. Back in Guatemala, calling each other “indio” (Indian=native) was like saying don’t be an idiot. The funny side of that was to hear the same “indios” saying that. And that’s a big LOL. My first English teacher, from whom I learned I am, he is, she is, was a Black guy born in Belize, living since childhood in Guatemala. Any black people were seen as inferior, as if they were stupid, and I confess, I played that game, shame on me.

Except that over here we pay dearly if we discriminate or apply racism over anyone.

So, to those complainers in chief here, be thankful you live in a diverse area or state. You won’t see the same preference or respect in any other states, believe me, people from different races tell me how it goes “over there”, and it’s not that pretty nor funny. It’s not the end of the world, buy you feel “something”.



Texans always overbuild…Cant help themselves…Tha is why I don’t buy sfhs in Texas. .too much competition


They have too much land… :rofl:


CA has too much land in Sacramento as well. Davis is expensive but too much land around Davis

Regulations in CA is the homeowners best friend


That’s why only invest in Bay Area… :slight_smile:


What! I don’t care about the school district or crime rates. Someone said the BBQ and strip clubs were good here…


I didn’t want to start a new thread so I threw this under here…



Bunch of people I have interviewed in the last 2 years, destination? Texas!

Texas is owned by Obama. Did you know that?

Ask Alex Jones. He said Obama would take over that state during the Jade Helm Exercise years ago :rofl: