The benefits of living in San Jose

  1. There are plenty of places to park your car. Most houses have two car garages. So do most townhomes. Most condos have dedicated parking or underground garages. There is plenty of street parking.

  2. It is not a sanctuary city. Who’s crazy idea was this anyway? No people running around shooting innocent tourists.

  3. Plenty of jobs. The city slogan is “Capital of Silicon Valley.”

  4. No idiots putting soda taxes on the ballot. I can’t believe they are advertising, “just one soda a day can lead to diabetes and childhood obesity.”

  5. Cost of living is lower in San Jose. No bridges to pay the tolls on. There are plenty of Asian supermarkets where you can buy groceries at lower prices than Safeway or Lucky.

  6. Housing is cheaper too.

Feel free to add to this list.


I think the weather is better.

Parking downtown is starting to suck. They keep building high rises on the lots. I guess that doesn’t matter if you live here and have dedicated parking.

Houses are definitely bigger, with gosh, real backyards! :cry:

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  1. Very tasty boiling crabs (actually prawns) at reasonable price.
  2. JapanTown, KoreaTown, is there a ChinaTown?
  3. SJSU that turn out good teachers.
  4. Large diversity of houses and neighborhood.

That Japantown is really weak. Korean town is great though. But isn’t Korean town technically in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale?

Also the best Mexican and Vietnamese food in the Bay Area.

Of course, also the best Chinese. :smile:


Come on, now, we all know you own property there so stop it with the shameless plugging…:slight_smile:

We all really know it is a wasteland there. You can’t even hire enough cops, your downtown is not really much to talk about and your hockey team still sucks…

No one I know has ever said that San Jose has the best chinese food. No one. I don’t see hoards of cars heading South to San Ho for its food. Hate to bring ya’ll back down to earth a tad…

In good fun, Gents…:wink:

This is the main reason, all my homes are in San Jose except primary !