The Best Jobs Now Require You To Be A People Person

Are you good at math? A computer whiz? Well, great! Presumably your “hard skills” are a surefire ticket to a high-paying job.

Well, maybe that used to be the case. But it’s not necessarily so anymore. To land a lucrative job today, hard skills in math and engineering, for instance, may not be enough. As technology allows us to automate more technical jobs, new research shows that people skills — communicating clearly, being a team player — matter more than ever. And women appear to be the ones capitalizing on this shift in the workplace.

“The days of only plugging away at a spreadsheet are over,” David Deming, an associate professor of economics at Harvard, told me. Deming is the author of a new working paper, “The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market,” which shows how today’s high-skill, high-paying jobs — like consultants and managers — increasingly require interpersonal skills.

Referring to rank and file jobs? Leaders and managers need to have good people skills.

Even regular jobs. Jobs that require people skills are the last to be automated away. There will always be teachers, but not truck drivers.

Jobs that must deal with people’s emotion:
a. Politicians
b. Leaders
c. Managers
d. Teachers
e. Nurses
f. Doctors
g. Psychologists
h. Customer service
i. Realtors
j. Religious agents
k. Consultants
l. HR

As of now, nerds makes 100k upon graduation. Those social animals make minimum wage upon graduation.

A nerd with social skills will be much more valuable. A nerd is second. The social animals with no hard skills the third. The worst is the those who lack both soft and hard skills.

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These are founders of hi-tech startups or Directors to CEOs of hi-tech companies.

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Many startups try to automate real estate agents away. Redfin tried. But so far it has proven hard. People need a lot of hand holding buying and selling the most expensive things in their lives.

I am not sure what good people skill is but most of directors and VPs i interacted with were good at office politics than leading people (motivating people under him/her and treating them fairly).

If i find a manager who can show mature personality(someone i can respect), i will try to work for that person regardless of compensation. However, so far, i haven’t found any.

If good people skill means office politics, i am not sure if women are better than men. It involves some level of aggressiveness which is more seen in men than women.
If good people skill means empathy then women may be better but again i am not sure how much it would be useful in terms of successful career in reality.

People skill simply means the skill to handle people, it includes both negative and positive ways to handle people. Politics is the most useful people skill though it might be the ugliest people skill we need. Surprisingly women are good at politics. Liberal states have their politics dominated by women.

For men with no social skill, technology has solution for them…

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