The cities on the verge of a housing bubble (San Francisco isn’t one of them)

While San Francisco’s market was listed as “overvalued,” it is not deemed a “bubble risk.” In San Francisco, housing prices have gone up 65% over the past five years, not enough to make the city the most expensive place in the U.S. to buy a home (that title currently belongs to nearby San Jose, Calif. — and it’s not even close). San Francisco’s score in the UBS index is pulled out of bubble territory by the city’s “strong economic fundamentals amid the astonishing boom of tech companies,” according to UBS.

In fact, none of the eight cities that rank as top bubble risks are in the U.S.:

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Have a few friends in Chicago. They are fleeing Chicago. City is broke and keeps jacking taxes.

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Go Canada! Toronto & Vancouver! I’ll go buy something in Vancouver if it ever pop. Heck, I might move back and retire there :slight_smile:

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Toronto and Vancouver even have London and Hong Kong beat. Impressive performance!

Buy in NYC, Boston and Singapore… buy buy buy

Property taxes are 3.9% to 6.5%. That’s insane. There’s people with a property tax bill equal to their mortgage. It’s like everyone is a renter, since you can’t payoff the property tax bill which keeps increasing.

This is a strange list. Looks like they cherry picked the data. Where’s the complete list?

Ok nevermind they indeed only measured those select cities only… so incomplete :-1:

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