The cooling Silicon Valley real estate market


Must not have closed officially yet. I track SB now since I have a vested interest. The only thing that is close to 1.5M in the last month is this one, but it technically sold for under 1.5M. But, if true, me like!!! I bought into San Bruno thinking/hoping it would blow up. What is there not to like? Proximity to the city, better weather, large lots and plenty of street/garage/driveway parking???


Btw PA and MV is LA :slight_smile:


I know where it is. :joy:
I am kidding you! :wink:


Yeah, Los Altos seems like the de facto standard for good neighborhoods. Not a single area seemed bad in LA, while PA and MV has lots of shady pockets.


Hope you and your family to have many happy years there!




Maybe Dallas is the only market with an overbuilding problem.


Sold below the list price. Plus its a completely renovated home. Lots of brand new stuff.


Location is poor. Close to the airport.


Still sold close to 1.5M…


Its close to the airport but its not on any regular flight path. Take off or Landing. So Airport location wont be a factor.

House has been extensively remodeled. Pretty much brand new.


My SB home is not immune to planes (they fly sort of across and in the distance) so I getting used to it when I am over there. The close proximity to an international airport is a plus, per Bezos…


Does San Bruno limit or ban Airbnb? I like to buy something close to airport for the travelers, to test out whether Bezos is bright :rofl:


Not sure, but no rent control in SB so that might mean no limit on Airbnb too.


Airport proximity is plus but if you are in the take off or landing flight path thats a big no for many. Between the two the take off path are worst because engines are at full power and noise is too much if you are on direct flight path. This is true even for the areas that are at significant distance but remain on the flight path. Smaller planes can also make a lot of noise.

A good example this is the side of Santa clara that is next to Lafayette street. Even though planes that are taking off from SJC are at considerable altitude by that time the noise is very loud. You need double pane windows and SJC airport has replaced windows at many residences.

Its somewhat manageable if you are on landing path as engines are powered down during landing. A part of foster city is right next to it but the noise is manageable.


That sounds like a pretty good lifestyle; why cry over that? :laughing:


Really you love your W2 a lot? Ok then we should not expect you to fire anytime soon…


FIRE is way overrated.


Either that or get pushed around by your manager for 8 hours every day.