The cooling Silicon Valley real estate market


You could keep your current house and buy the new one. What’s the motivation to sell the curent home? Do you have zero interest to become a landlord?

Living on W2 is only a temporary thing in the employer’s secretive mind :joy:


The only reason I would fire is to work on whatever I want to (still in tech space) without worrying about $$$. Im getting some of that thru side projects already. Trouble is, it’s really hard to find smart people to work with for early startups - most smart folks are either hired by big corps, or super hot startups. And I’m not really optimizing for financial returns from my side gigs…

As for my w2 job, yes there are bad managers and rampant politics everywhere, but I still manage to find projects / teams I love to work with. Can’t beat that intellectual stimulation from working with smart folks on hard problems.


I am a landlord for other properties, but the necessary work is getting unwieldy. Seriously considering getting a PM when current tenants move out.


That job might be stimulating the wrong part of your brain if financial independence is your desire.


It’s great you actually love your job. What percentage of people really enjoy their job? Someone told me he loves his job but I later found that he loves the money and doesn’t want to get unemployed.


@sfdragonboy you forgot the ease of commute to the blossoming biotech hub in SSF. This played a large part for me to buy in San Bruno.

One doesn’t need to work in biotech to realize that there is a giant biotech building boom in SSF. Look at all these cranes constructing large new biotech campuses dotted across the SSF waterfront (by Hwy 101’s Grand Ave, Oyster Point Blvd, and Sierra Point Pkwy exits). They are coming online from now till the 2020 timeframe. Some of these tenants are large pharma moving from the south (e.g. Merck from Palo Alto, AbbVie from Sunnyvale and Redwood City, AstraZeneca from Mountain View and Redwood City, etc.) and the rest are from small/mid-sized biotechs who may be based in SSF from the start. Even Google’s life sciences endeavors (e.g. Verily and Calico) and the therapeutics division of 23andme have all uprooted themselves from Mountain View and set up their new HQ in SSF.

There is definitely a strong trend to consolidate in SSF for both small biotechs and large pharmas alike, whether it’s local (e.g. south bay or south peninsula) or more distant cities (e.g. Seattle, San Diego, etc.) The new influx of biotech folks all need a place to live right?


Come on, not forgotten, @adc!!! I just didn’t spell out every positive virtue of San Bruno. Shoot, I looooove how close I am relatively to 280 as opposed to now from even Sunset District to 280. That, is major minutes saved already…


A long winter is here for high end housing market.


Vaguely recalled the winter started a year or two ago.


SJ is the #2 slowing market.

Stockton #1

SF #3

SD is also bad


SC will soon show up in the list.

If you go around SC you will find tons of home being upgraded and some rebuild in preparation for Spring season. Some are already listed and for >30 days.

SC is going to be hit hard in the downturn but I guess thats where the most bang for the buck will be when the market comes back up.


SC is Santa Clara? I think SJ metro includes Santa Clara.

Is there the same thing happening in Sunnyvale?


SJ is a city of Santa Clara (SC) county which is more commonly known as SJ metro.


I think slowdown is just seasonality. Upward path should resume next year or 2020 latest.


Can you give more justifications? Fundamental or technical


Stock market will go back up, which will inflate RE.


I say interest rates level (next Spring) is still key. Imagine if it does actually go up even more.


Glad I bailed out of Stockton 2 years ago. I think the foothills may benefit from the Paradise fire. Sacramento may benefit from Newsome spending the biggest surplus ever.


Which cities in the foothills will benefit?

Usually weak areas get slow first. But this time it’s Bay Area that’s the national leader in housing slowdown. Maybe we are fine, it’s just afffordability hitting the ceiling. The bottom is not falling


All the semiconductors companies got hit hard in 2H. Nvidia stocks got halved. If they come back up SC will get hot again. It’s right in the center of classical SV.