The cooling Silicon Valley real estate market


Changing locations here. Price drop and >100 days on the market:

PS: No garage, and the top floor had some bowing in the floor before the previous slae that is claimed to be from the logs aging.


Oroville, Chico, Marysville, Auburn, Placerville will be areas where fire victims will migrate


I doubt it.
The fear is embedded in the minds of many Americans and foreign nationals. We have seen a yo-yo stock market since March (I believe) and that has put a stop on the confidence of many home buyers and sellers like me who lost a chance to sell when there was a bidding war on any home anywhere. It could be the same as that sentiment of 2009-10-11 when we waited and acted with so much caution to buy a home. But I am not an expert.

I said before that some of my sources of information are people dealing with rich Asians. True or false, they are worried and it’s reflected on their sales.


Agree. I would be buying more in SC if it dips. Closer to Lawrence.


Now tell me this isnt a steal. :fearful:


Close to 101, took more than 1 month to find a buyer.


So… sticking to Ardenwood for the foreseeable future OR do you plan to move?


Sticking to it so far. The only place that will come out as net positive on traffic time is Palo Alto. Even West Sunnyvale or Cupertino, we will be neutral or net negative in terms of commute time. Maybe we’ll just rent in Palo Alto if we are moving.


Makes sense…

The commute on I880 to NSJ/237 & back(during peak hours) is getting real bad & I don’t see any new plans which will allow it to to improve going forward.


Recession will make it better :rofl:

Road doesn’t change, people do


So whats the latest on the BA RE market right now? Anyone active in the market now? Are things picking up after the new years or still kinda quiet? I’m seeing a lot of new listings in the last week.


Market will always be a sellers market. Increases in supply are impossible


The issue is voters either don’t pay attention, don’t care, or actually this result.


That’s the problem. There are NO/ZERO plans to increase road capacity.


Maybe there are too many people in California. Some of us should move to other states.


Only builders can create housing. The best government can do is get the hell out of the way. The only solution to the homeless problem is solving the drug alcohol and dependence problem. The biggest problem is there is a whole industry created to live off their misery that has no interest in getting these poor folks off of dependency


It seems the Bay Area(government)plan is to deteriorate the driving experience to become as bad or worse than the existing poor public transport system, so that people are forced to shift to public transport(in terms of commute time).

The government solution could have been to improve public transportation(by investing in it earlier) so that it is much better than driving.

However, the strategy is to punish people for POORER results rather than incentive people for BETTER results.


Bad traffic everywhere is extremely bullish for PA and Sunnyvale house prices. It has no cure. Even if they assed more lanes to 237 it will still be jammed.


The above basically means Bay Area is becoming less competitive compared to other cities(Quality of life+ cost for businesses/employees). Already Apple is skipping Bay Area for it’s major expansion…The results will show up more clearly in 5-7 years.


I said it long ago, these high tech companies should have had the visionary mind to open as many departments, building motherships, whatever, around the bay area, why not in the central valley. That could have made traffic more acceptable and could have created more chances for small cities to achieve progress.

Those posters complaining about housing, blame it on high tech. They bought, and still buying huge lots of land for their future use. Go check Google, they own or lease huge areas, block after block full of offices or buildings, so huge, and those spaces could be used for housing.