The cooling Silicon Valley real estate market


Changing locations here. Price drop and >100 days on the market:

PS: No garage, and the top floor had some bowing in the floor before the previous slae that is claimed to be from the logs aging.


Oroville, Chico, Marysville, Auburn, Placerville will be areas where fire victims will migrate


I doubt it.
The fear is embedded in the minds of many Americans and foreign nationals. We have seen a yo-yo stock market since March (I believe) and that has put a stop on the confidence of many home buyers and sellers like me who lost a chance to sell when there was a bidding war on any home anywhere. It could be the same as that sentiment of 2009-10-11 when we waited and acted with so much caution to buy a home. But I am not an expert.

I said before that some of my sources of information are people dealing with rich Asians. True or false, they are worried and it’s reflected on their sales.


Agree. I would be buying more in SC if it dips. Closer to Lawrence.


Now tell me this isnt a steal. :fearful:


Close to 101, took more than 1 month to find a buyer.