The Death Of Retail


Tax cuts will help them! :smile::smile::smile:

Never mind! A successful exit for them before the crash. Tax attorneys at work.


Yup, a friend nearly lost everything on commercial in 2008. Businesses failed left and right and his vacancy rate sky rocketed. Not many new businesses are started in a recession. Rents dropped by 50%. The thing about residential is people still need a place to live. Rents may drop some, but the vast majority of people are going to manage to keep a roof over their head.


What is your take on this mass exodus of retail workers from their jobs? Could it be a problem? Can’t have a bunch of people becoming unemployed all at once (or close enough) right? Won’t it cause a ripple effect and maybe infect the economy?


I think it’s doubtful.

  1. The unemployment rate keeps decreasing
  2. There are over 6M open jobs in the US
  3. How many retail employees are full-time? There are signs everyone for part-time jobs.
  4. UPS, FedEx, and warehouses are hiring more than ever. I think that’s a better detail for employees. The jobs tend to pay more, and they are in lower cost areas.


I just hope yeah that these people are able to transition into other jobs fairly seamlessly. To me, everything is key and dependent on jobs. You have to have money to do anything. No money, all bets are off…


“An estimated 7,795 U.S. retail store closures were announced in 2017, according to a new research note from UBS, setting a new record.”

From another article, 67,000 retail jobs were lost in 2017. That sounds like a lot, but it’s tiny in the scheme of the overall economy. We’ve been adding 200,000+ jobs a month.


No tears here. I decided not to support them when I walked in and saw Playboy merchandise all over. Clearly middle aged women were not their demographic. It was up to you men to keep them alive. Did you shop there? Didn’t think so. Men don’t shop for household items much.


Come on, let’s not stop the world because of some R+ rated porn you happened to see there!!! Ever hear of the internet and all of the trappings there???


comes the rise of the restaurants


Until minimum wage hikes put them out of business…


Avocado toast at $20 a piece is not sustainable???:slight_smile:


Tough luck to them. I vote with my dollar, and there are other places–within 5 minutes even–that I can go, plus Amazon delivers, and for the most part keeps that stuff out of my face.

They clearly wanted men as a customer. Not my job to keep them alive. It’s yours.


Poke avocado toast in San Mateo




Does Home Depot/Lowes count? I think one of them will have to survive unless Amazon intends to start delivering lumber to people’s houses.


Well, I think we traditionally think of retail more so with clothes and such although Sears is kinda known for its tools and appliances too.


Ok got it. I wasn’t sure.


Not all retailers are doing poorly.