The Death Of Retail


We’re also the only country that allows direct marketing of drugs to consumers. There’s a reason 80% of prescription drugs are sold in the US. No one will tackle this because of big pharma lobbying. They just argue over how to pay the bill to big pharma. It should be about lowering the bill.


I was shocked how little the lobbying money was in general (not just medicine/healthcare, but also for other politics), the money companies spent is very insignificant portion of what they make. Makes you think naively, if people pooled money to counter-lobby, they’d easily out-lobby everyone.


Ok. Bankruptcy approved. Even my son who wears his PJs all day has better taste.

[Oh sorry. THat was from February. Still good riddance to it.]


I am glad I have never seen these pants.


LOL…Jesus Christ these are much worse than MC Hammer pants…


Well, don’t try to shoplift then, right???



Come on @caiguycaiguy, $17K in LuLu pants works out to oh 3 pairs…:grinning:

(Side note: how are you doing?)


$148 for yoga pants. Who is robbing whom?


Think positive guys. The criminals are healthy.



sometimes i missed radio shack, when you need something not common, lotta times they have it in stock


Kinda like how I wish we had Fry’s up here…




Karma, batches!!! That’s what you get for selling me an expensive massage chair that can’t be fixed!!! OMG, at least even Mercedes Benz will have parts or people willing to fix their cars!!! Worst case of customer service from an international company (OSIM) I have ever witnessed…


Every store at an airport is a ripoff


Awesome, Macy’s!!! (Hate to see their trademark stores on Union Square close down…)


Well, you had a good run…