The Death Of Retail








That’s actually great if they’ve moved on to higher paying jobs.



They ended up reporting. It was bad, but the stock went up. Same-store-sales continue to decline. I don’t see how they survive.



When was the last disruption happens? From individual shops to big boxes to boutique to departments? Now to O2O stores? To one-stop shops for daily needs (rest online to be collected in store or delivery to home)?


I think the last big one was department stores in cities to shopping malls in the suburbs. Somewhere along the way strip malls also became a thing and started popping up all over in the suburbs.


Look like ripe for a big disruption. Whoever get it right, going to make it BIG. You seem to understand retail as well as auto (compared to me, of course :slight_smile: ). It may be a BIG opportunity for you rather than sweating for a megacap as an employee :rofl:


I probably should have when I was younger. The tech mega caps take good care of the employees. I really enjoy tackling the problems at scale that happen in a large company. I’ve worked for smaller companies too, and the challenges aren’t nearly as energizing.


Holiday parties are waaaay nicer, too…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Startup not work for :slight_smile: Be a founder and take a shot at being a billionaire.


Only a few big pieces of retail left. The biggest is grocery and amazon is having a crack at it with Whole Foods. I think restaurants is the next big piece if you can call it retail. Food delivery in US is miles behind China. There are a few players including amazon but seems rather lacking in energy.


I don’t have a desire to do one thing for as long as a startup takes. At 2-3 years, I want to do something different. That’s one of the reasons I picked Amazon. The culture is a perfect fit for that, since it’s normal to rotate. I’ve had 2 roles in this department which is a quicker change than normal, but we had a big re-org. The goal was for me to stand up a team and work myself out of a job. That happened quicker than planned. Next month, I’m moving to a completely new department that’s an area I’ve never done before. I wasn’t even looking yet, but someone that rotated in July reached out to me about following.


Stop sending me those darn 20% off mailers!!!


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