The Death Of Retail




That’s not going to help them avoid bankruptcy. Maybe Sears will fail first, and they can steal most of their customers. At this point, that’s not many customers. I used to think they were locked in a Best Buy vs. Circuit City type battle. Whoever survived would get the other’s customers and end up making it.


Shoot, why couldn’t both just perish???


Your boss, Jeff


i love the sears kenmore/craftsman stuff. i hope they stay in business just for that.


Black and decker bought craftsman. They are trying to sell the Kenmore brand.


i only care about those 2. kenmore elite i have great experience with it
craftsman tools are super great deal and warranty.


I still have my 45 year old Craftsman car sander


good stuff. that’s before i was born…


If I remember correctly at least for the screwdrivers, did Sears allow you to replace one if broken or worn (I assume not, but you never know)…


screwdrivers are lifetime warranty.
maybe go buy broken craftsman tool for pennies , get a massive warranty replacement , then resell on ebay to make money haha


Right, but what about what Mr. South Lake Tahoe was talking about, a sander?


i think that’s only 3 yr warranty from the link.


You can buy over that kenmore business.


ain’t no money like you guys. i’m a poor chinese man


Put in $1, and get suckers aka angel money. Hype it. Say would introduce IoT products and add AI to those tools. The process would use blockchain :slight_smile:


with a clean s2k!!!



the S2K is an awesome car. Anyone want mine? I am going to put it on the market. 2001, good condition. Spent a ton 3 years back getting it reupholstered, swapping to a glass rear window and what not. Not too many miles


Pictures, please!!!