The Death Of Retail


Looks like a stock silver S2000. (it is stock other then rear shocks). Had to redo the seats because the cushions got flattened out due to my fat butt and the cheap faux leather they used in the 2001 broke down. When I did that I changed the convertible top to be a glass rear as the plastic rears from the 2001 also broke down over time (grime collecting in micro scratches)


Dog, I was hoping for that dark charcoal or bronzey color… @dioworld has a yellow one.


mine is a AP2 rio yellow


AP2 was more luxurious but I prefer the 9000 RPM of the AP1 :smiley:



It’s pretty cool. One opened near my building, and I went in it this week. It’s not a true grocery store. It’s more of a convenience store with much healthier options than 7-11 or other convenience stores. Most of it is in single-serve sizes.


soon homeless take a dump inside and setup camp there


or, make it their kitchen and start eating in there…


if they don’t check out, they’re okay right? just eat, shit , sleep there, cool


Maybe there will be robots that can detect someone who is loitering or smells really, really bad and will gently insist that he/she finish up with an actual purchase or get the F out of there!!!


that’s racist & discrimination.


There’s a security guard. You have to scan a QR code on your phone to get into the store. That’s how the app activates to know what you’re buying. People don’t jump the entry point like BART :slight_smile:


homeless has free cell phone . all they need is just sign up for an account . bingo. free rent/food/toilet . haha


where did race come up? imagine the store is like your bathroom where you have the required motion sensor light switch installed. well, if you ain’t moving around enough or grabbing items to buy, the robot will know this red blooded human is scum and needs to be gently escorted out… set the smell detector way above any ethnic group… voila!!!


discrimination against bad smeller, which males percentage are higher, therefore, you’re sexist against male :grinning:


Obviously, unlike me, you haven’t walked near homeless people much. They really do smell bad enough that it is obvious they are homeless and not just an extreme sweater.


sorry, i forgot, since i don’t live in sf hahaha you have way more experience than i do
i normally just go sunset irving in the morning for groceries, and see some homeless but i try not to get close to them to sniff them.


Sir, you need to come down to the Tenderloin or maybe just hang out in the BART station at Powell or Civic Center.


i used to take bart to work when worked in downtown sf 10 yrs ago. back then the bart train already often time have pee smell.


Unfortunately, a lot can happen in 10 years when you have city leaders hell bent on only providing for the needy while totally forgetting the actual workers who slave to earn and pay the taxes to provide those services/goods to the needy…