The Death Of Retail


Mattress Firm files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Whomp whomp


Makes sense when this online mattress company (and others) are apparently managing to grab market share somehow. I mean, how can you test feel the mattress before buying?


We had a guy leave for one of the mattress in a box companies. He said at $250 customer acquisition cost they were still profitable. He wanted to travel more, and the company doesn’t have offices. The small corporate teams all work remotely.


I am sure you went through the routine when buying a bed right? Every mattress is not the same in terms of model name and will vary by the store. Sure, it may be best that you have to test them in person anyway. I think for our next bed, we will go for broke (literally money wise) and get arguably the best mattress money can buy:


I got one of the box ones for the spare bedroom. That was a low risk way to see what it’s like. It’s actually a very good mattress. I ended up getting a higher end one for my bed.


Buy a firm mattress and put a 3” foam pad on top. Best way to go





Yes, when revenue declines due to less volume just increase the price. Don’t actually downsize the number of employees to match the volume.


The thing about the post office is they have to fully fund retirement for employees as they go. No one else in the government has to do that and few private companies do it. That said, in the 80s and 90s I worked there and they were wasting a lot of money.


That should be the requirement. Just look at the mess of unfunded pension liabilities. They are already dramatically cutting into budgets at the local and state level.


Uh oh, Sears is about done…


Hedge Fund Billionaire Rode the Worst Trade of His Life All the Way Down


Oblique hint at TSLA investors? Owned a few shares :hugs:


I just realized a 10% profit on all those neat solar eclipse stamps I stockpiled. And the bioluminescent creature ones. Kinda takes the bite out of last weeks stock market action :slight_smile:
Seriously - 0.55 to have a letter hand delivered to anywhere in the US within 72 hours? Still a bargain. See what 0.55 given to FedEx or UPS gets you.





Sears had some good stuff/brands: Craftsman, Kenmore, Whirlpool. I still have my Kenmore dishwasher which we only use as a dish dryer. The Whirlpool front loaders are still going strong.

Sears had a good run, but I guess it is easy to say now that once it had started declining it wasn’t able to reinvent or do enough to stay ahead of the Walmarts, HD and Bezos.


I wonder if this will be good news for JC Penney who outlasted them.