The Death Of Retail


Geez, same fate coming…

(Yes, I can outrun you but eventually…)


People said that about Best Buy, but Circuit City failing really boosted them.


True, but isn’t JC Penny already advertising “closing down” sales and such???


They are, but they are in much better shape than a Sears. Someone will pickup sales from Sears closing. They are mostly in second tier cities where people have fewer options for shopping.


So, what do you attribute Best Buys’ success to? Last big electronics brick and mortar standing, gets the sales? Who hasn’t gone in there just to compare models and ended up buying online?


That’s when they bottomed and started to rebound. Remember, online sales are still a small part of total sales.


I guess BB is smart enough to price accordingly and/or match any online site’s price (assuming they can still make a dollar or two). Gotta keep that market share at all costs!!!


Damn, the body is not even cold yet…


Makes you wonder if the failure of Sears was intentional. The CEO of Sears strip-mined the assets of Sears, selling things like the Real Estate that it owned to himself / funds under his control in return for cash injection into the company. And what do you know now - company is bankrupt, but the real estate may be worth quite a bit…


I suppose stranger things have happened… and who hasn’t heard of someone high up enough working it for personal gain…


Turn the land under the stores into multi family housing