The Death Of Retail


Yes, but once they failed Best Buy stabilized and recovered.



Here comes the cavalry to save the day!!! But, why the 4.4 number!!!


Thst guy is insane. He keeps throwing money at it. How’d he get so rich when he can’t let go of a loser?




I thought Lord and Taylor was obsolete years ago. Not exactly trendy




Target did well. There are definitely winners and losers in retail.


Seems like the higher end retailers like Macy’s can’t compete with the Targets of the world…


They are losing to TJMaxx, Ross, and their own discount store versions. Consumers are conditioned to never pay full price now.






It’s gone…

Gymboree Will Shut Its Doors After Turnaround Plan Collapses

Gymboree Group Inc. will shut down after going bankrupt a second time, the victim of falling mall traffic and cheaper online sources of kids clothing. About 10,000 people could lose their jobs.

Another victim of private equity. These guys are just shameless.

Gymboree was acquired by Bain Capital LLC for about $1.8 billion in 2010. The buyout saddled the company with more than $1 billion in debt, leading Gymboree to cut costs and defer investments before filing for court protection in June 2017. It emerged with less debt and fewer stores.




Surprised it stayed open this long: