The Fab 7x7


See, @marcus335, only world class cities have fun and whimsical events like this…


I’ll oppose it. Too much too fast



Interesting case. I had expected that they would let the landlord slide due to tenant backlash. This time they didn’t bow to tenant pressure …



That’s terrible.


Over 30,000 cars broken into last year! That’s a ridiculous amount. Somebody has to do something about that.


If this is not a classic case study or reason why you shouldn’t water down laws I don’t know what is. It is not rocket science. If breaking into cars is a lesser crime now (or treated as such), won’t criminals have more incentive (less punishment if caught) to do it? Yes, my god, yes!!! Idiots!!!


Wow, the endorsement from the attorney that represented the Miss Steinle killer. Hope to see that on a tv commercial soon…



Yup, nothing like speedy approval of new projects.


Cool, I seem to recall Serena saying she wouldn’t mind living in such a “world class” city like the Fab 7x7…




Err, when I said to slide down the pole I didn’t mean that pole…


This, is what world class cities can do…pull a world championship team away from an already good location and fanbase.



You seriously think Oracle arena is in a good location? That area is terrible.


Do you have to pick on every topic? It is widely accepted and fully admitted by even me, a SF native/current resident and lifelong Warrior fan who watched as a boy their first championship in the 70s, that the current site is pretty darn good in the sense of being central and accessible by BART and freeway (880). The current fanbase is as rapid as any ownership could honestly dream for but again the owner wants the Belle Of The Ball, The Fab 7x7 in a location that I fully admit is not as close to public transit as Oracle is. But Oakland is our whipping boy too, so spoils go to the victors or owners with money to burn…


It’s pretty funny you think SJ is high crime, but that area of Oakland is good.