The Fabulous 7x7



Sure, Serena, def move to the Fab 7x7… housing is a tad expensive though, you may need to win a few more tournaments!!! :laughing:


She doesn’t need to win any more tournaments. She has more money than anyone on this forum.


Her husband owns the biggest forum in the world: reddit.


Are we closing in, Fearless Leader???:grin:


Ok, everyone out of the water!!! No boating, no swimming, no nothing!!! This town is now a sanctuary town for sea lions!!! Arrrrhhh!!!


SF Bored Of Stupidvisors



Geez louise. Keeping the poor poorer.


“In all, the toll increase would raise about $4.5 billion over 30 years to pay for expanding public transportation, including BART extensions to Berryessa, San Jose and Santa Clara, and easing traffic choke points on key highways like the Novato Narrows and the Dumbarton Bridge corridor, among other things.”

So ding the drivers to pay for public transportation…


They ding unsubsidized transit riders too. My BART fare went up this year. The BART parking went up last year…


What is all that noise out here??? I am trying to take a nap…


BART Janitor


Caltrain passes went up as well–both parking and train pass. I think my husband said his work-subsidized pass also increased to $20, but I don’t remember. I know my son’s went up. Parking went from $50 to $80.




Landlords are entitled, and often required, to renovate their properties, and evictions for capital improvements are legal but must be reported to the San Francisco Rent Board once permits are obtained. The Rent Board does not maintain records on how many tenants actually return to their units following temporary evictions for renovations.”

D-mned if you do, d-mned if you don’t.




Yes, that’s how you know a city is truly great. There’s no parking, and if you do find parking then your car gets broken into. True greatness! :slight_smile:


I guess you didn’t read that part about how many of those cars are from non residents? Again, we have the jobs, so you come to me. Don’t call me, we’ll call you…


Wow, a 347 sq ft studio goes for a steal at 465K. Oh, note the HOA of $524 too. Probabaly the number 8 saved this one…:grin: