The Fabulous 7x7


DO NOT get me started on that one… I already have a traitor sister in the house… (oops, here comes the hate posts…)



Is she the one who lives in Palo Alto?


No…oldest sis. My lil one lives off Farm Hill in RWC.


One of my best friends grew up in Palo Alto. Mom owns an apartment building there and he lives in a duplex. Can we say, set for life??? SET FOR LIFE!!!


We are the unfortunate ones… :sob:


Dude, come on (I know you are kidding) you are doing not only fine but damn well!!! No crying for you…


You missed the point! We had to earn everything with our own blood and sweat, unlike some lucky people born with a silver spoon. :wink:


I am not going to whine all my life about what someone else got or didn’t get. That is the difference between you and I, I don’t need money to be happy. Yes, I have a little but I truly believe Notorious BIG when he said “mo money, mo problems”…Amen!!!

(Yes, I still crave an NSX…)


Come on, don’t kid yourself. Everybody needs money to be happy. :slight_smile:

Whatever happened to that “Money and Happiness” thread??? We need to re-visit it big time… :laughing:


Classic question again: Would you rather be (a) the richest guy in the world but you have to have no friends and family or (b) more friends and family than money?


Way to go @sfdragonboy. Don’t whine, drink wine (or boba) :slight_smile:


Speaking of boba, I saw this. Any good?


Haven’t tried this place before. I think last time I ever drank anything close to boba was Bambu about two months ago. Have you tried their drinks before? It’s a Vietnamese dessert drink - I like their pandan jelly.


Classic question again: Would you rather cry in a beemer or laugh on a bike?

This question is totally applicable to Miss @harriet :rofl:


You know, I’d have no problem with a “bike” as long as it’s reliable and safe. I actually was seriously considering a Subaru instead of the Beemer prior to the purchase but I got partly pressured into it by my parents.


I am not a big Vietnamese drink guy, but def have a sweet tooth. I love chocolate anything, ice cream or cake. Hey, better than smoking or drinking…


Come on, how safe can a bike be??? So your parents are the materialistic ones… :laughing:


Well I respect their opinion because they never really had anything luxurious in their life so I try to provide to them as much as possible, if it fills the hole in their life and it’s not an unreasonable ask, sure why not.


OMG, where is my rolodex? (hey, I am old school)…there has to be a young man who is into marathoning and boba drinks in here!!!