The Fabulous 7x7



Not sure if this picture proves how fabulous the Fab 7x7 is, but just go with it…




What, your parents never whipped you before???


It’s the fat… we need better looking models here :rofl:




What are kids? We don’t have such a thing here in the Fab 7x7…


Seattle has more dogs than kids. Amazon is a dog friendly campus.

The irony of child care is when I grew up it was cheap. Every neighborhood had a family or multiple families that ran a daycare at home. Then local governments got involved and said you can’t do that. Now you need state licensed workers, a minimum child/worker ratio, a commercial building, etc, etc. Guess what? Daycare costs shot through the roof. Now they want more government to fix the cost of childcare.


This may explain why neighborhoods like the Sunset is selling white hot. Parking, baby!!! For now…



Wait, that means no more excuses about them not being able to afford the best ballplayers to come here. The Yankees of The West!!!


Love and respect Di Fi…




How will the homeless log on from their tents???


Why not San Jose, @manch??? :wink:




Oh, you bring up a great real case with an old coworker I had many moons ago. This should be under our “Gotta Love Bart” thread actually. So, I had a coworker who used to park regularly at the DC station for work. She had a Toyota or Honda model that was notoriously known to be easily stealable. And it was. It would get stolen and be found shortly after, not destroyed but simply used for joy ridding or I guess for a BART rider to use as his (presumably) ride home from BART. Anyways, same thing. She finally put a note on her dashboard, saying “If you are going to steal this car, can you at least return it to the BART station by 5pm each day?” I loved it…


SF is best viewd from afar