The Fabulous 7x7


But, how would you then get your treats???


The key is you don’t lock your door, and you don’t leave anything valuable in it. They’ll open the door, look around, and move on.


Do you do that for your cars? Leave them unlocked

I never have anything in my car, no jacket, empty bags, nothing but still always lock it… My luck has been good so far…


It’s pretty common in places like Flint. They are going to get into your car either way and search for valuables. Leaving the car unlocked saves the broken window.


The question is whether they will even try opening your car door in the first place. They may just assume it’s locked and break your window anyway.


Note to Self: Develop placards for car. One says: Unlocked, Nothing In Here. Second says: Locked, Many Valuables In Here. Second one, might not sell…


Do the following to prevent break-ins:

  1. Always park inside your garage instead of the street or even your driveway.
  2. Always park inside a paid garage with attendants. Never park on the street.


Gotta work hard to live and play in the Fab 7x7!!!


Nobody has kids in SF… Makes for more productivity… A a higher work force percentage



Cha-ching, @wuqijun!!! Your house just went up again!!!



Same here, and congrats to your house going up!!! You rub my back and little, and I rub yours a little… :rofl:


Ok, sooooo what is the verdict guys???


Not surprising, but cool when written about in a NY RE site…




Impressive…1.75M PH condo - all cash


About time we turn Fishermen’s Wharf into more than just a row of souvenir junk t-shirt shops…


Uh, want to explain this, @Elt1? Your Russian buddies wanted the Fab 7x7 all to themselves???