The Grass Is Not Always Greener Up There

Well, the grass is greener from all that rain but you know what I mean…

Wow, you know leaving is a big conversation topic when SF gate has an article about it. They got quotes from 2 people that left the bay area and call it a story? Wow, that’s some serious investigative journalism and an amazing sample size. I wouldn’t have printed that in a college newspaper.

Bellingham would suck. It’s probably the WA equivalent to Modesto.

Well, like here, I am more interested in the comments from the masses. I have never been to Portland but I have been to your fair city of Seattle and I thought it reminded me greatly of the Fab 7x7. Yes, it wasn’t raining when I was there so I got a taste of the best staging possible. I don’t mind cold, I just don’t like rain, lots of it. This past year here probably gave us folks a taste of what you go through typically. We’ll see how long you last…:slight_smile:

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Been in Tahoe 4 years…Don’t miss the BA of today…Miss the BA of my youth, but it is long gone…Visit less and less…The traffic starts in Placerville and is pretty much solid all the way…now one big megaopolis from Sac Suburbs to the Pacific ocean…and from Cloverdale to Gilroy

That’s a bit of an exaggeration wouldn’t you say…

I remember the BA when it had less people than even the current Sacramento MSA of 2.5m…The reality it is now a megalopolis of 10m…Traffic is constant. Sacramento now has traffic like the BA, try driving through Sacramento north south, total nightmare, and the whole area is now like LA…The BA zoning restrictions have keep the Bay Area MSA at 7m instead of 14m…But I remember there were just farms in the East Bay and the Santa Clara valley. .Even San Mateo was just truck farms…Sorry none of you got to see it, but the Bay Area was very different than now…I have pictures of my parents house in 1929 in the Berkeley hills…no other houses around… We used to go hunting in Moraga…hardly any homes there…Same in Loomis and Eldorado hills…now solid with subdivisions. …I have the benefit of visual history plus stories and pictures from relatives…I miss Herb Caens San Francisco. …long gone

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Weather is important, especially if your life revolves around outdoor activities. I’m looking at parts of AZ around 5000ft in elevation. Driving out of Phoenix is just like driving to Tahoe out of the Sac valley. It starts out hot and barren, gets greener as you rise in elevation and by the time you get to 5000ft and it looks, smells, and even tastes like Tahoe - similar flora, same humidity - but the summertime highs and wintertime lows are within 10 degrees of coastal CA. National forest goes on forever. Fewer regulations are a big deal too. Zip codes with the same population as La Honda are served with ten or twelve businesses instead of two. Places to shoot are close and cheap or free. Exotic animal laws are reasonable in you’re in to that. Working with building and planning isn’t the nightmare it is here. In short - cheaper, richer, more hassle-free living.

Arizona is missing two things…The greatest Alpine Lake in America and 11 world class ski resorts…I haven’t been there often…But Lake Powell is awesome…Otherwise I am not a desert person. .

or wherever one leaves to…

" 40 percent of respondents are seriously considering leaving the Bay Area in the next few years"

The vast majority of those 40% will do nothing.

It’s interesting none of the people they talked to work in tech.

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I have been gone for 4 years and don’t miss the BA at all… I can work anywhere… The BA has become all about tech employment… If you are not in that industry you feel left out… Plenty of areas just outside the BA that have similar weather and culture… No need to go all the way to Portland North Carolina Mexico or New Orleans…
I now visit less than 5 times a year. The traffic starts in Placerville and is solid all the way to Santa Cruz…
Traffic will kill the BA dream…

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