The IKEAization In Home Building

Been seeing a lot more stories about prefab homes and such. What do ya’ll think? The best example that I have seen is the version from Blu Homes. I believe they have an actual model home in Vallejo that you can check out.

Yes, costs right now are high but like anything else it should come down as it scales up. I am sure people will complain that they look literally like a box but I have seen versions that you wouldn’t have thought were technically prefab homes. They offer a lot of advantages over conventionally built homes that this could be the wave of the future as net zero energy use goals have to be met.

I own a Fremont SFH that is small but the lot is fairly large that this would be perfect for.

Many decades ago Sears catalog sold house kits. There was an episode I think on Thus Old House that did something with one.

I’ve been to pre-fab factories and it’s amazing what they can do. Like everything quality varies.

Our parochial school chose prefab for it’s latest building and I believe they managed to save more than 50% of the cost. Kudos to the priest for going that route–the church/school is still paying off the last building, too, so the less it cost, the bettr.

There were drawbacks to going prefab–all rooms had to be a multiple of 10 feet wide. Some of them look extra deep compared to their width, but for $3M savings, we can live with it! It actually looks quite nice overall.

Everything else in life is fabbed. Even food. It’s strange that housing doesn’t go the same way. You want custom clothes, you go to a tailor. You want custom food you go to a restaurant. You want a custom house, that’s fine too. It’ll cost you more.

We did see a prefab house once. Nice house. Didn’t have an attic. The rooms were extra high, and the closets looked a bit weird because of it. Elt1 says they cheaped out on the materials, but overall, I’d have been happy with that house, and could’ve doubled my space by building lofts in the kids rooms–the ceilings were tall enough to accomodate that.

My grandparents had one of those houses!!! Apparently my father who was maybe 6 was reading the instructions and telling the builders where everything went :slight_smile:

That said, I would not want an Ikea house.

Inevitably something would have a hole drilled in the wrong place or have to be twisted to fit.

Shopping at Ikea makes me physically ill…Feels like a Casino…cant find your way out…have too wait in line to pick up items you order in another line…a nightmare experience


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I can’t stand the Maze. I just want to buy what I came for and leave.

The only thing I like at Ikea is the horsemeat meatballs…lol

Yeah! My son loves those. The free kids meals on Tuesday are great. That reminds me I was going to do that for lunch this summer. Thanks for reminding me!

I guess I do also like the plastic bins for Trofast (kids toys). I have them all over the place including my fridge and freezer. Of course, because i only buy the white ones, they don’t look ikea.

But that’s the thing, they have really improved on the quality control now. Come on, look at that initial Blu home. Very nice. Expensive, but nice.

IKEA? Not last I checked…

Is Blu Homes owned by IKEA?

I’m not seeing anything on Blu Homes to indicate it is part of IKEA. I know nothing about the quality of Blu Homes, but if IKEA started selling homes the quality of the furniture they sold, I would be concerned.

What I see of Ikea’s furniture leads me to believe that they are not using fully automated manufacturing lines. The way holes are sometimes out of place is not consistent with CNC drilling. You just don’t put a plank into a CNC router and have it get only 1 out of 6 holes off by 2mm.

I guess I took your subject line too literally. Perhaps you mean to say “Automated Manufacturing in Home Building” and then we could leave IKEA out of the discussion :slight_smile: in which case I certainly support it. I think it would be great to have already-debugged layouts that you can choose from.

I can build better and cheaper than Blu homes. .they are $250/sf plus site work ,soft costs and land…They found a niche. .probably vacation homes on big lots is their sweet spot…small market…Mass builders like KB stick build…basically they have a factory outdoors…they don’t need to build in a warehouse and then ship…

No, no, no connection between IKEA and Blu… I was just using the analogy of how with IKEA one puts pieces of furniture together with these prefab home concepts where the builders put together prefabricated pieces. I don’t want to receive a court summons from IKEA…


Tell me more. I have a 3/1 small Fremont home that I would love to raze and replace with a cool, cool home. How much you can do? Do you have a website? PM me with info if you want privacy. I won’t broadcast.

Sorry, I only build spec. …no contract work…

Sorry, don’t know the lingo…does that mean you only do large projects or multi properties?

What, you don’t like money from private homeowners??? :slight_smile:

Or from Blu…

There have been a few pre-fab homes going up in Menlo Park. I saw this one awhile back and it was nice. They pre-fab homes here tend to be a boxy modern style that I don’t love but could totally live with…


Personally, I like a more conventional look that doesn’t scream “Modular!!!”…

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