The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


Leaning is chic… :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I don’t like my dinner plates and wine glasses moving on me while I am eating…:slight_smile:


Joe joins the action…


One down…(literally)


Are you hinting that the millennium tower of SF will under go the same fate?


Dude, I work one half block over… but again, let’s not argue the merits of physics


The leaning Tower of Pisa has been collapsing for 500 years…I was in Venice in October and noticed several leaning towers…None had steel reinforced structures or modern engineering. .Lets give the Millennium Tower some time…In a few generations it will become iconic like The TransAmerica pyramid


Yeah, but having to explain to your guests why everything collects in the same corner of every room in your fab condo would get tiring…:grin:


On the plus side, my dog could play ball on her own. She could just go to one side and drop it. It’ll roll to the other side for her to chase it.


True, no need to walk her too. The exercise from having to “climb” back to the rest of the home would be enough…


Actually, it’s very easy to modify the floor to make it flat again. So these jokes can stop now…


Wouldn’t you have to keep modifying it every few years depending on the rate of change?


Geez, touchy touchy… did you go and buy that unit in the MT @wuqijun???


Yes, but there will be a point where these foundation problems settle permanently. They will not keep settling forever.


Or a decent sized earthquake comes and settles it for you… honestly, can you imagine living there knowing the unknown? POS in the fullest definition…


This, is why you (MT) screwed up. You decided to go Delta instead of Grohe and you F’d yourself. Other buildings paid the price, went to bedrock and more, and can thus sell the reality or illusion of safety in earthquake country. Tell me how all those lawsuits pan out ok???



See, those who bought in at bargain pricing at the height of the fiasco might be reaping the profit soon…


Hold on, who is paying for it??? Not chump change…


Still leaning? Somebody put that tower out of its misery before the next quake if possible. :sweat_smile: