The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


You mean by imploding it?


The insurers


Whatever. I wouldn’t like to be in, work, or go by when that thing collapses. :tired_face:


Yeah, since I am a half block away I cringe every time a stiff wind picks up…




Although when pressed as to whether she (Naomi Kelly) would in fact reside there with her own family, the response was a quick, “Are you crazy?”…:grinning:


Withstand what? A big one? Really? I won’t be there to test it, that’s for sure. Are you?:star_struck:


See, when you are pressed to say Yah or Nay on the safety of the MT what can you say???



Now lawyers are in the soils engineering business…The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 17’ out of level and 500 years old…Lets take bets on wether the lawyer is right…even he is the building is still safe…

Like I said thie will be a lawyers field day…Careers and fortunes will be made…only the lawyers will benefit for this nightmare. .


Nightmare is right. Look, even though everyone likes to think these residents/owners are “not that harmed” since they obviously are well to do they don’t deserve this. How is it different from anyone who buys a newly built home to only find that it may not only be worthless but potentially dangerous to live in? This is not some rancher or even two story building. This is a 58 story, heavy skyscraper that if something did happen and it did fall you are talking hundreds to thousands of potential deaths. Even the last expert guy who testified to its safety would not commit for sure that it was safe. This is truly the poster child on how one does not build a luxury highrise. I could care less about the developer. I just want the owners to be reasonably restored whole AND that not one red cent will be paid by the citizens of the Fab 7x7 to fix this. In my book, an unlicensed handyman probably would have gotten this right in the first place. The architects, the geologists, everyone who advised on the building of this building should be ashamed of themselves.


Absolutely right! Next time you want to build a skyscraper, forgot about the soil engineers, the architects, the permits. Just hire a bunch of unlicensed handyman and start building!!! :joy:


Well, the facts are undeniable yet the experts still screwed up royally. Remember now, the foundation is key to every piece of this house of cards. Come on, this was known by everyone and his mother before the project started:

  1. we are in earthquake country
  2. the land around that area is essentially landfill
  3. what happens should you brilliantly decide to build a heavier design despite #1 and #2

Yeah, I am sure any handyman would actually rationalize that one needs to go just a bit father to bedrock and not go cheap. Why? Because any half smart handyman does not want to have to redo a job. That means time and money. Shortcuts on minor things happen all the time in projects but you are seriously stupid to want to gamble with your foundation. The developer deserves everything coming his way…



Time to buy yet???


Yes, @Elt1, the lawyers are heading for the buffet…


One thing to learn from this?
Same as in Houston, Texas, the cry babies (republicans) always asking for no government intervention are the same poeple that at the end get harmed by no oversight. That’s all…


Yes!!! :heart_eyes:


Wishful thinking???