The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco

This sounds like a lot?

As of October 2021, the Millennium Tower had sunk 18 inches and tilted 22.5 inches to the west and 9 inches to the north.


Talk about your ideal case study on how to NOT build something. Like I said from the beginning, my handyman would have known better to not cut corners as significant as seen here!!!

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Thanks @caiguycaiguy for maintaining this thread (and the many others while I was gone)!!! Maybe one day we can finally close this thread.

I still say to this day, even my simple handyman would have known better to cut corners on such a big project…

Who is paying for the work? Insurance? The developers?

Man, you know it will filter down to the average Joe/Jane San Francisco tax payer somehow, some way!!! That was my beef from the very beginning when I created this thread.

Omg, did you go to bedrock???