The 'new normal'? Bidding wars go away as Bay Area housing market cools

The Bay Area’s frenzied housing market is cooling, making intense bidding wars a thing of the past and spurring calls for sellers to dial back their expectations, several real estate industry sources told the San Francisco Business Times this week.

“What we have seen in the last couple of months is renewed trepidation in higher-priced markets in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, where bidding wars have slowed notably,” Selma Hepp, chief economist at Pacific Union International, told the Business Times. “Some of the dynamics may be shifting in the market, primarily due to uncertainties around Trump’s policy moves.”

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There you go folks. Another article on cooling Bay Area markets. Everything cooling down except that SW corner of Sunnyvale where 3 of own guys are bidding against each other. :smile:



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Being to an auction of any kind?

A wife on the front, the husband nearby, both bidding against each other. LOL

Another winter prediction proved false. We won’t know how next year will be until late spring…

Maybe this will be good for me, we are bidding on a house, for the 5th time? At this point, i started joking: we are chronic window shoppers, we are here for the openhouse (i am sure we have been to > 200 openhouses, because we like wasting time :))

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It’s ok. Everyone on this forum is wasting time…lol

Not me!!! I won’t waste one single day! :rofl: