The new target for @Manch, @Wuqijun

:sob: :sob: :sob:



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Challenge: accepted.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

They need to rename some of these. “Comfortably wealthy” sounds a whole lot better than “lesser rich”, even though “lesser rich” was supposed to be at a higher level of wealth…

1mm is just poor, not very comfortably so.

Also, what year was this chart based off of? 2012 can be very different from 2018.

No idea. A friend showed it to me.

5 years to 25m or bust.

You mean in 5 years, you’re either going to have $25M or bankrupt?

Right. Bet the farm on Micron! :scream:

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Really… :scream:

Time to start a real business, manch.

Those that you can IPO and become a billionaire.

Some suggested theme: Cryptocurrency, AI anything, autonomous vehicles, immortal drugs, nano robots, cloud anything

I like this idea the best :heart_eyes:

Almost 1 year, @manch comes out with anything yet?

Well I, for one, am not holding my breath.
I figure I’ll need 25 million to be able to afford those immortal drugs. And that’s not likely.

No need. I heard starvation can prolong lifespan because it burns off carcinogens…

We are too old to start anything. Our role is to allocate capital, either in the private pre-IPO market or the public stock market. Go on angelList or random SV meetups to invest in startups.

Seriously, anyone investing on AngelList?

You are old? What about your daughters and their boyfriends?