The nightmare of getting a permit

I need a need replacement sliding door installed…Cost of door and trim… $500. Labor to install $500 . Building permit $250…Lead inspection $250…Lead mitigation? Who knows…Sorry but the nanny state just costs too much…I will have to buy it myself and save at least $1000…


For something like that, a minor repair job, I probably wouldn’t go through permitting myself.

The problem is if you hire a licensed contractor like South Shore Glass they are required to get a permit. …They get caught, they loose their license…Will just have to rat it in with a handyman. …

You are replacing an existing door with one that in theory is even more energy efficient and potentially safer than the old one. Done.

Cities don’t care about efficiency, health, safety or anything except collecting their fees…They are like
the traffic cop that gave me a ticket for no seat belt…merely tax collectors

I hired/ordered angle construction (santa cruz) for double pane retrofit appx 11 windows, and I paid $6000 total that includes measurement, installation included.

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That includes measurement? I usually pay at least $10k per measurement.

Yes, everything included (Measurement,delivery, installation, permit if any). This was packaged for whole home 10 windows maximum. I ordered 11 windows with same 8 windows package as a turnkey. They added additional amount for three windows. Total 11 windows for $6000 during Jan 2016 (ordered Dec 2015).

Even last Saturday (mercury news) they offered similar package.

$1690 for a 6’ slider is no bargain…South Shore glass quoted $1000…can do it myself for $500…

Gosh, that sounds fairly reasonable. I take it, all sliders though? I personally like casement windows with grids and will pay extra for them since I think they make a home’s exterior appearance really pop. No unsightly window screens and I like how they shut tight and seem to give an enhanced feeling of security (may not necessarily be the case I know). They costed me an arm and a leg to put in in my Sunset home but well worth it as random people still ask me what kind of windows are those. People say what usually happens on a complete gut job remodel is that the buyer tends to run out of cash by the time it comes to windows and so they end up buying the basics. Don’t do that!!! Nice windows if done right will really make your home look extra good (trust me) and will easily pay you back multiple times!!!

What do you mean no screens? What about bugs? You know you can take the screens out of sliders, right?

Serious question, I don’t have these casement windows and I’m curious

The window screens are on the INSIDE of the windows. So, you don’t see them from the outside (when casement windows are closed). Looks much, much more impressive…

And who doesn’t like the look of the windows cranked open on nice, warm days?

More expensive though…

hmm, I prefer the screens on the outside because I’m usually inside my house looking out. I see how it’s more impressive from the outside now

Just take the screens off when marketing house…An old builder trick

Good idea but if I was looking at a house I might notice the missing screens. Actually I did but it turns out they had them in the garage. Do you leave a note “screens available for a modest fee”

On a new house we leave them in their original packaging. .installed after the sale

I paid 5k for 5 windows installed here in La Honda but they were all odd sizes and one was a large (7ft) picture window with multiple vents. And of course I’m off the beaten path. No permits - would have needed to cut up the walls to meet egress requirements. Anyone who isn’t a cripple or morbidly obese can egress out the current windows but firefighters with an oxygen tank can’t ingress - which I believe is part of the standard. Also went with fiberglass and not vinyl. It’s a cedar shingle house. There’s nothing more butt ugly than white vinyl on cedar shingles. Take about the nanny state - “there oughta be a law.”

This is exactly what happened with my remodel (ran out of budget, kind of). So hear this, My windows ( sliding) low e3 argon vinyl costed me about 200 per window from a local manufacturer who turned them in on time. We’ll see how they will fare after couple of years. My contractor installed them.

Windows measurement for $10k? If it takes 2 hours for one guys to measure, that’s $5k per hour. Is it a rip off? If It’s really $5k per hour, I’ll look for ways to become a window measurement expert, will give you a break for $3k per hour measurement.

Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad (depending on how many windows we talking about and sizes). So, basic Milgard vinyl sliders weren’t cheaper???