The Republican American Dream sold one visa at a time

This is one of the reasons why, sometimes, I look like a “racist” person.

The fact is that I bring factual, real, crude reality to the racist and hypocrite conservative people on this forum that keep mumbling jumbling about illegals and whatnot, but when they see their “side”, their “people” falling in that category…………crickets! They are quiet about their glorious president tipping an illegal maid from Guatemala, whom he knew was an illegal worker $100. And, his kid, hiring a caretaker who worked for him for 10 years, with no legal documents. :laughing::laughing:

I know one thing, they will read, and keep going! Why? Because they support exploitation of women, this is a trait from republicans, which are involved or support sex traffic and why not, they allowed their president to be the epitome of turning wife cheating into something any man ought to do without any consequences.

Let’s start with Indians. And Chinese. Shall we?

Now, before any attempt to flag this topic, the hypocrite in you won’t allow you to ask yourself: Who is helping or defending these people tangled in illegality? Not a republican, I bet you that. But whoever is in the receiving end is.

The number of jailed students grows

About 600 students, mostly from India, were enrolled at the university in Farmington Hills, a majority of them in master’s degree programs in engineering or computer-related fields. The students had arrived in the U.S. legally through approved student visas and didn’t have criminal records, said immigration attorneys.

“It is the first time for Chinese to play the leading role [at] Mar-a-Lago,” the website claimed.

The source who attended the party said the president joked that the Chinese guests got all the good seats and would be omnipresent at future events if his American friends in real estate didn’t start donating more. The source said admission started at $2,700, and photos with the president were offered for $10,000.

The 26 women were lured to Seattle from China with the hope of making money to support their families overseas, police said. The women replied to what they thought were legal advertisements, but when they got to the states, that turned out to be false, according to investigators. The alleged victims reportedly were forced to live in terrible conditions and prostituted up to 20 hours a day, with their movements restricted and monitored by those in charge of the criminal operations.