The rise of Silicon Valley's new mafias


© Robyn Twomey/Redux Early employees of PayPal, known as the PayPal Mafia, are more famous for their successes after leaving the company than for their initial breakthrough in digital payments.


Before the PayPal mafia, there were the Traitorous Eight, who put the silicon into Silicon Valley.

Guess where the Uber and AirBnB mafia will start the new wave of startups? Seattle? Austin? Or the good old Bay Area? :thinking:


East Bay? Remember @wuqijun was from pypl.


@wuqijun also didn’t start any startups. Maybe he’s a mafia in another form… :scream:


Well actually one of the profiled startups, Alma, is in Washington DC. It’s not all going to be in BA.


I will bring a gun and gun all of you down in the next meetup.


Too easy. Just kidnap them, and ask for ransom with their wives. :laughing:

You know they won’t pay, don’t you? :sweat_smile:


Not interested in money. Only interested in taking their lives.


If they plea for their lives and give you their properties? :laughing:


Kill them first and then burn down their properties next.


This is worse than communists. They would kill and confiscate. Who burns?


No wonder, (I heard) that when you guys meet, 6 people show up, 5 leave, alive, from the meeting. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Burning makes sure that spouses and children are also included in the tally.